Haiku of palm

Nature speaks to me
the whisper of palms so soft
calling me back home.

Essence of a breeze
cottony clouds lay waiting,
a daydreamers life.

Hypnotic waves move
through to touch this lonely soul,
carry me away.

Photo of coconut palms taken at the Edison Ford Winter estates in Fort Myers Florida yesterday.


14 thoughts on “Haiku of palm

  1. Hey E, no pining for the old homestead as we are up north for two weeks with the pups, having a grand time, lots of visiting on tap. Hard to believe it’s been two years since we’ve been back. Fort Myers is just a short jaunt down the trail from us, we get there every few months, and the Edison Ford winter qtrs. Are there. A nice day trip for something to see. Hope all is well, hey Smudge, Super L and hugs to u💜

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  2. Lovely! I hope this day is finding you not so lonely for home….perhaps you’re pining for the Northeast? Did I ever tell you D’s brother and his wife live in Fort Meyers? 🙂

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  3. sometimes I have to change it up, this came to me while we were driving to the store to get bones for the girls….it was a lovely tree and the sky was divine ❤ thanks so much 🙂

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