The pursuit of peace

we wander the space,
caught on hallowed grounds
breathing in the air damp and clean
with feet that tread on softest grass
laying as far as eyes can see
a bed of comfort
home again.
A mind that see into forever,
gleaning the depths of lost souls
that carry the weight
of a thousand stones of heartbreak,
we test the waters
in pursuit of peace.
Nights of silence
broken occasionally by passing entities
rushing to find their way,
going somewhere,
nowhere in particular,
just zipping through the darkness
in search of more.
I breathe in the peace found
so far from the salted clouds
as memories in dreams seek attention
waking to find a comfort of sorts
in a well tuned instrument
of another day dawning,
with eyes that peer from sidelines
seeking to only understand
the changes afoot.
We return the old places,
like lost burial grounds of yesterday
we stand here amongst the familiar
yet sometimes find the soul that drifts
far afield amongst the wildflowers,
wandering in solitude
searching for comfort,
yearning for more.

On vacation with my love and the pups in the old hometwon, remembering the nature and seeing friends daily, sleeping like a babe, and loving the calm of this place.

27 thoughts on “The pursuit of peace

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  2. Hi Kim I am getting old do not like society today. And long for a quiet place to enjoy what time I may have left. Where you are does sound so good! Thank you for calling by and liking “Home! Vocation! Illegal Race! and Tunnels!” Be Safe. Malcolm.

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  3. Just beautiful, Kim! I love that deer’s eyes peering at your Dad (and you, of course). I don’t know if you’re back home yet–I’m hoping not, given all the nasty red tide and bad air 😦 Peace is a great gift for those willing to accept it. I loved this poem, for many reasons. Take care and breath deeply. E and Lucy 🙂

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  4. Thanks Jack, haven’t been back to the old homestead for over two years, finding a peace different from the new home but embracing the best of days💜


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