Always one

There always seem to be
one going the wrong way in the set,
Perhaps but noticeable in the big scheme.
I am that singular piece
upside down and ass backwards,
with no apologies
I will color my world
in the only way I know
upon baby blue skies that cry
come out to play my child,
scribble the sights of memory
and upon that slate
as endless as the ocean beyond
I let the feeling carry me
to far away places
that only I see
in my mind’s eye
playing hide and seek with the words,
the music falls down upon me like a wild wicked rain
and I wipe clean my effort
and begin again
and again
for it is the only way to hang on,
to keep alive the feeling
of creating the sight
of my folly,
of my day-dream feelings
that refuse to fade to black,
that will never surrender
to obscurity.

16 thoughts on “Always one

  1. smiles, yes, the avoidance for reasons I am overcoming, keeping the faith and also working on another blog I created, zuzu’s petals….a story of a rescue cat ❤ thanks BW, I will be writing something here today too ❤

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  2. Oh my dear Kim. This makes me happy and sad. Happy that you’re a fierce warrior….sad for the deep down times….and praying for you. Your poem is lovely. A stubborn fist raised toward heaven in fierce determination. Words are gifts. I echo Derrick’s lovely words–“May it be less of a struggle soon, Kim.” And keep writing it out. Over and over and over again. Hearts, flowers and hugs from Elouise

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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