Gypsy dance

The skies moved with the light
interspersed with indigo haze
as if a gypsy dancer lingered
beside a fire lit from within,
moving back and forth
calling out in thunder
it’s voice profound and loud,
vibration activated the beat
of a heart sitting by like a wallflower,
join in the dance it seemed to echo
and as we stood in awe and wonder
watching the play
between dark and light,
consumed in its breath of passion,
we lit the moment up
and joined the fray
no longer afraid
to stand and become one
with the coming storm.

Beautiful image found from flickr on internet.

16 thoughts on “Gypsy dance

  1. The beaches down here are decimated by the red tide, need a good storm to break it up and move it out…Dead Sea life makes my heart ache but writing again is lifting me up💜

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  2. There’s always one somewhere, just because we may not see or hear it, like a wolf it always sits on the periphery of the woods waiting…no offense to the beautiful creature of course😊

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  3. it’s been pretty quiet here lately and thunder just boomed yet then skies turned bright again, it moves back and forth over the state, but late afternoon we often get a good soaking. Love the sound of thunder and falling rain ❤

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  4. I know you get your share of storms there.
    Moving to Missouri was interesting. Rain can mean a thunderstorm just as often as a sprinkle. That, after WNY, where three thunderstorms per summer is more the norm.

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