Beautiful illusion

We wrap our perceptions
gift tied with slender ribbons,
within the beautiful illusion
we breathe in the atmosphere
of all we imagine.
Kindness flows when we see
the space where the heart waits
beating like foreign drums
that move the air with their bass,
throbbing in the darkness
the sounds of nature whisper their secrets
of the reasons for the brightness of stars,
and we look deeper searching for answers
only to find
sometimes the easiest path
lay before us
as we move one step at a time
forward into our tomorrow
living in the illusion
with the knowledge learned,
that what we see
is not always what is,
and as the sun rises
giving light to what we feared in the dark,
the monsters no longer crouch waiting
as we settle our emotion
and carry on with a new view.

Very cool image found on the internet when looking for photos of illusion ❤