Souls And Skies

High above where dreams do linger
in the region of these sleepless nights,
climbing beyond the horizon,
we reach the place of memories
and swim amongst their depths.
Shaded from the views
we touch each fragment
as if for the first time,
the senses aware of starlight
piercing the heart
to let in the goodness of now
and we gather the tiny beams in our net
as they spill out like water
to the earthly floor below
we laugh then
for we can.
How high do we travel
beyond the solid maze of everyday,
weaving in and out,
remembering the finer points
when least expected,
faces familiar before us
we grant ourselves reprieve from sorrow
to fall into a gentle place,
a space moving constantly
from mood to sighs,
we come home to our heart
a little more whole than before,
a bit more of everything
that we finally allowed
to be a part,
that we now embrace
as who we have become.

18 thoughts on “Souls And Skies

  1. I mailed you a note card with the new address listed and a new address label on the note card. You should have it this week. I think I mailed it this past Friday or Saturday. 😊

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  2. When did you send it? I don’t think so but just checked the mail, either not here yet or no bills today😃 can u email me your new address again, I did a mass email dump and I think it was in there….I gotta stop doing that but there were like 700 in there…..eegads….craziness….did some culling of the herd again to keep my sanity😊 but did listen to that podcast…have two more to explore still.

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  3. It was, very….but glad to have the old brain jump started and writing again….zipster loves imagery💜😊 thanks G-man… I’m off to figure out what Febrile means😃

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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