Winds of life

Blowing weak and strong
standing straight against the brunt
invisible forces wear away
one breath at a time.
A faith of belief surrounds
and perception changes daily
as time passes and still we remain
sometimes less but steadfast through
each storm that arrives,
that tries to whittle our base
and crumble the core
of love.
Born of an element
formed and created so strong,
we carry our weight and keep moving forward
belief our very foundation,
and we find in our darkest moments
the strength we share with others
to buoy the weak
and ride the wave of change,
to stay upright in the world winds
that blow fierce and relentless,
to never fall without the knowing
we shall be lifted again and again.

Stacking peace

Layered mood drifts along
awaking in strength from dreams that tell tales,
reducing the darkness bit by bit
as a simple light illuminates
a waking world to a wish of peace.
We stack the good times
and leave behind the unneeded piles,
the confusion rippled into knowing
by the simple things that matter
as we rise into the blue
our voices come together in the morning
to create a new dawn ripe
with the promise of a better day,
and words lay between the colors
so beautiful to behold,
sifted out to leave behind
the nightmares that surfaced
and saving for sharing
all that matters,
all that is good.
We will climb up from the bottom
and reach the highest place
where we will see forever
through the haze of darkness,
and fly into the calm of truth.

Into the heart

Blue tinged confines
of words followed straight like an arrow
into the heart
of a cold world moment,
I sit on edge
unable to look away
wishing I knew this child,
that perhaps I could have stopped
the sadness of this tragedy
but worlds away
I can only now read and see
that change must come.
What is it within
that makes the evil rise
like cream to the top,
curdled and sour
vile to the tongue
these too often happenings
leave behind in their wake
a longing for the light to shine,
to melt this heartless world
that treats the smallest
as expendable for difference,
for annihilation just because.
I stand here beneath a sun
on a day cool and beautiful,
breathing in the freshness
and high in my land of abundance,
yet a piece is now on the floor
shattered by a face with a name
and I cannot let go of that smile,
cannot forget what has been.

This post was prompted after reading a heartbreaking post by my friend Tre about a young boy murdered for who they thought he was. So sad…..if you feel you wish to read about what inspired this piece, please find it here. Heartbreaking. Thank you Tre for bringing this to light. The world needs to bring light to expel the darkness of evil.