Beside beauty

We come to quiet places
searching for the elements of peace
beside beauty we feel the sense
of being part of a whole.
Water whispers with ripples heard
like a beating heart
measured and true,
and beneath the bluest skies
and the leaves that find
time racing down,
show off their wonder
in falling compact colors
they drift on water,
spinning tiny boats moving on
and we sit beside
in contemplation of changes,
settling into the temporary scene
before we rise content
and with the passage of moments,
take memories
and leaving nothing more behind,
move forward to our next dream.
Life, like streams cutting through
molding the hard and seeming unchangeable rock
we wear it down through the years,
smoothing edges just by being,
and become a scene as natural
as each breath we take,
beside beauty we become
everything whole and good,
a calmness found and claimed
under the warmth of a late day sun.