Building code

We are the prophets
strangers in a world of stardust
building codes link by link,
connected by invisible bridges
spanning across the universe.
We are the poets,
the storytellers of the utopian peace,
salvaged from bits and pieces
we are our creation borne
of sweat, blood, and endless tears,
letting go fears
and stepping off into the wilderness
as each page turns,
we end and begin again
between the lines where silence is filled
with unsaid ideas
and the reflection of a perfection
we build upon with ready hands.
We came and went
before there were names given
and judgement was unheard
like the cosmic heartbeat,
we simply felt the beat
and followed the tune to bliss
on the path we all travel
in birth to death,
round again to become builders
of the next chapter.

painting by Salvador Dali, just a segment of a wall sized painting, pulling bits and pieces to create a new whole, photo taken by myself.

10 thoughts on “Building code

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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