Falling style

Memories of falling leaves
as colors create a palette
we run our hands through the brilliance,
the scent of a winter to come
hangs on chilling air
as the fire reaches higher
incinerating the pieces gathered
we sit close together
So much has changed
where those long ago days remain,
we gaze at the brilliance
of autumn sunset clouds
that wear the shades like gowns,
endlessly flowing by
we walk the beaches and find a new path
where time stands still
we follow our memories to smile again,
somewhere back in yesterday
a world away.

I miss the changing leaves of NY but not enough to fly North, enjoying Fall Florida style and endless gifts of beauty found along the way. Peace and blessings, K

7 thoughts on “Falling style

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  2. Different but no less beautiful in its own way, I’ve learned it’s all in how you see and feel about it…but keep the snow away thank you😃yikes, never ready for that….old bones like the warm😊☀️🌴


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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