The shape of red

Moments of certainty
caught in the clarity of a lucid thought,
the shape of red lifted from beyond
as the scent of cinnamon filled my senses
a thousand falling valentine hearts
dripping from above,
like falling leaves settling into a dish-
a season of letting go
captured and understood deep within
as I inhaled the essence
and faded back into the depths.
The color never preferred
over others I drew joy from,
the vibrant hues of yesterday but so much more
held deep in the hold of timelessness
and I woke while still I slept
seeing faces faded from thought,
leaving the wonder of why now
as I reached out to touch the pieces
of those tiny bits now scattered
hearing those in the scene laughing that joyful sound
all for the bounty I had found
but I threw them high above me,
watching as they scattered once more
then watching without a care,
the tiny pieces disappearing
like the illusion they had been.
They questioned me
and my need for not gathering them all
and holding them close,
keeping them for a rainy day
or some other such reasoning
but I did not know what then to say,
for they had all gone
into the whispering wind of yesterday
where nothing lasts forever
and in the letting go
I found the abundance held.
Have you found a cinnamon heart
somewhere in your travels,
perhaps on the side of a road
now dirty maybe
or faded from time,
could it have been mine
from the day I was small in a dream,
when I thought the world needed
more than I could give?
If so, I shall smile
and move on
and if not, just wait
perhaps in time it will come.

A steady stream of consciousness piece, in part some of a dream I had last night, still pondering that one. Maybe the small KitKat bar I had before bed seeping sugar into my aimless dream thoughts.

12 thoughts on “The shape of red

  1. E shape of our lives, formed by memory and association, my dreams always sink back to yesterday and forgotten thoughts. It’s like finding a trove of forgotten photos tucked in a corner. Peace and love, K

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  2. This dear Kim was a beautiful write my friend
    “like falling leaves settling into a dish-
    a season of letting go
    captured and understood deep within
    as I inhaled the essence
    and faded back into the depths.”…
    I could have kept falling into your words my friend ❤

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  3. It must be why I’m flying high in dreams every night. You’d think the meds to keep the blood sugar in check would squash that like a fuzzy bug….maybe not😱 Maybe more chocolate before bed is a good thing. Have a huge bar of dark chocolate….but a KitKat was handy in the trick or treat bowl😃

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  4. A good poetic recipe.
    For if you eat sugary treats
    at night 🌙 your body has to decide what to do with
    all that carbo energy. It can
    either store it (a prime cause
    of cellulite), or send it to the
    brain … as dream fuel.
    Which will be required if one
    is to reach the outer solar
    system, and beyond.

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  5. Thanks David,
    Sometimes I have some doozy dreams, but this was so vibrant and I was sure I could smell the cinnamon😊 Felt compelled to write about it, of course with the mention of what could have jump started it😊 KtKats good says the inner chocoholic😱


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