Winds of life

Blowing weak and strong
standing straight against the brunt
invisible forces wear away
one breath at a time.
A faith of belief surrounds
and perception changes daily
as time passes and still we remain
sometimes less but steadfast through
each storm that arrives,
that tries to whittle our base
and crumble the core
of love.
Born of an element
formed and created so strong,
we carry our weight and keep moving forward
belief our very foundation,
and we find in our darkest moments
the strength we share with others
to buoy the weak
and ride the wave of change,
to stay upright in the world winds
that blow fierce and relentless,
to never fall without the knowing
we shall be lifted again and again.

10 thoughts on “Winds of life

  1. “A faith of belief surrounds and perception changes daily”…. So true… May we all keep moving forward as we bend within the wind.. Each storm buffets us and at times holds us back, but we each of us gain new strength that sees us through such storms…We may all of us fall from time to time.. But with each ‘Fall’ comes new seeds that we nurture to grow…
    loved this Kim..

    Have a wonderful Sunday

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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