As written

I grew
leaps and bounds
when I found within the spaces
the history of love
written in the stars.
I stood tall
as thoughts painted the walls
and found the crack
that let the light in
to make shadows that dance
like flowers in endless fields.
I knew
when I fell into the truth
like ripples that moved me far
down in to the stream of consciousness
that became more than nothingness.
I became whole
in the rain showers that fell
washing away the haze of yesterday
and stood against the sky like a star
in the company of millions
shining so very bright.
I felt the flow of unity
carrying me away in a heartbeat,
strong and solid
like a rhythm heard
in the darkest nights,
where we became
the twinkling light.
I am and it is enough
to give me peace
in the times needed,
I am a seed moving on winds
planting a path
to the edge of forever.


23 thoughts on “As written

  1. like a rainbow, the seeds leave a color, once joined up, you can trace across the sky, I often wonder how certain places shine, why the sun comes up unexpectedly, and then I realize, that love is being created in the neighborhood, so simple, blessings

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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