Beneath the brightest moment

We move through the days
spinning wildly away
wondering where does this thing called time
fly off to while we look the other way.
Memories and faces remembered,
the times of our lives lived fully
and nestled away we dust off the image,
smiling at the moments
never realizing then
that we would carry it with us,
those laughs and tears
the lightest of years,
and so many no longer
in a place of sight,
we keep alive in our minds horizon
the precious ones gone
yet still they shine
beneath the brightest moments relived.
Days will keep moving
and we will shuffle along
being in the mix of light and dark
we cast our spell of kindness and joy
in places new and old,
we still remain changing daily
and standing tall we recreate
to suit our need,
diving into the life we live
holding gratitude in our souls
and love in our hearts
a treasure we cherish
on days like these.

Wishing you all far and wide, a Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours. Peace and blessings for a day filled with new memories made and loved ones far away or no longer with us remembered with kindness and love ❤ I am blessed indeed. ❤