Moving hue

Spreading thin
added shades to blend within
the spectrum of beauty rises
like a subtle dream flows
through the mind that patiently sits
waiting in repose.
Beauty unearthed
from empty pages
blank with welcome
the hand follows the theme
of images flowing from deep wells,
the mind spins in eagerness
splashing the dream of what will be
across the naked space.
Have I been here?
Where do these colors thrive
with the intensity of scenes remembered
from a long gone dream
brought forth as the hand moved gently
spinning rainbows in water
as beauty and thoughts flow
like rain on parchment.

15 thoughts on “Moving hue

  1. No travel, work is picking up and some folks are on vacation so in another week it will lighten up again and I will be around more often. It used to stress me out not writing daily and then I learned to let it go, go with the flow and get some in when I’m able. Better flow that way๐Ÿ’œ

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  2. Your rockin a new dew…good for you..change can only bring not take..its better to look good than to feel good..all work and no play…oh no I forgot it’s your season to work mine is the season to sell…stay brave

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  3. Where have I been
    The intensity of a scene
    these colors thrive
    From a long lost dream
    Way down deep inside
    That’s how I remember your lines strong voice
    Solid piece

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  4. drops on the skin, from far off places, like memories within, alas, sometimes it has to rain, but days pass by, and onto sweet memories we hold, like jetsam in the ocean, they keeps us buoyant, till the next rain comes, happy days, you have great rhythm, blessings

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