Layer cake

Pastel drips
iced sky soothes a soul
in morning a steady peace flows
like layer cake dreams
sweet and smooth.
Calling in thoughts
a slipping note to like minds
a whisper to a song
sung in the calm of a new day,
beauty never slips away
to eyes that see beneath
the frosted level of illusion
and wake to spread the gift of love
in slices of goodness.

Looking forward to a new year and new horizons of being💜✨🌟⭐️


Our silver lined wishes,
thoughts on invisible strings
suspended in the darkness
like stars that shine on when obscured
behind the laughing clouds,
and butterflies chase twigs
search the nectar of a gladdened heart
in whimsical worlds aflutter
we stand in awe of the world at large.
Webs woven in the hours of night
we catch our thoughts unaware
of our conscious being watching,
pondering the depths of an endless ocean
and the school of knowledge swims forward
into the coming jaws of a new day
and a balance of being
merry on this teeter-totter moving
back and forth like a gentle tide
that knows when it is time
to come or go,
to stay for a while in a shallow pool
where treasure can be found
and goodness unbound
to fly higher in neon shades,
delicate wings like dreams soaring
on an invisible wind into the atmosphere.

Another piece in the stream of consciousness series….image taken at Lights in Bloom at Selby Gardens FL.

Serenity bound

Unexpected pleasure found
passing beauty unbound
winding twists and turns
as the fire within burns.
Places lived in quiet peace
and gently flowing, all released,
gazing into eyes that see
brilliance waiting silently.
Scent of life on evening air
amble on without a care,
a sight sits beyond sight for me
as my sense of peace flies free
and I am found in a space once known
dreams to the stars now thrown,
I feel the change will come
and I am serenity bound
where an unexpected pleasure was found.

Orchid found at Selby Gardens in Sarasota💜photo by me.