Blessings beyond

Room with a view
stillness beyond the thin pane,
candles lit to break the darkness
as night comes calling
to a heart reflecting in peace.
Trips down the lane
as yesterday waits to be remembered
and we paint our world in color of season,
the scent emerges to spark the mood
of yule and cone nestled
between the wrap of yellowed paper,
we pluck one by one
with a gentle smile
and our youth comes rushing back
welcomed with a laugh on air,
decorated walls speak of tradition,
of long lost times and faces
we still see in our minds eye.
Blessings beyond the here and now,
we are gifted with the goodness
of hearth and home
and the abundance of knowing the worth
of love and life
and all that lay in between,
we settle in comfort and with a gentle sigh
dive into the joy of another moment spent
with beauty all around.

Football on the tube and next up, finishing putting ornaments on the tree. Not knowing how the new kitty would be with it, we left it up last night with only lights strung. Today the true test will be had by all. Crossing fingers and hopeful that all will be well till it comes down at the end of the month.

Kit Kat says I’ll behave…..insert evil cat laugh _____ here.

18 thoughts on “Blessings beyond

  1. she is doing great my friend, sitting beside me as we speak. Hope all is well with you also, are you working on any new poetry books? I’m jamming at work, back up to 5 days a week and the craziness of the holidays has left me trying to get things done and not getting stressed. So far so good ❤ Every day is a present for Kit Kat and haven’t lost an ornament yet, knock on wood 🙂 peace and blessings to you this holiday season ❤


  2. Lovely holiday reflections, Kim. Feels very cozy and warm, and also holy. It’s the feeling I like the most. That sense of quiet and holiness that comes from remembering what we’re grateful about, spending time with those we love… Kit Kat is behaving herself I hope. She just needs a present too probably! 🙂

    With Love

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  3. Great poem!! Full of charming imagery! And what a gorgeous new addition to the family you have; her coloring is lovely!! 🙂 ~Kelsey

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  4. She can be a pest… gift under the tree and she’s already nibbling on the paper….gonna be a looooong month😱 she’s pretty but not vain at all…..more like a dog than a cat in many ways😊

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