Blue brilliance

Skies shine brightly
the essence of waking
filling the blue brilliance
with joy for a fresh new day.
Slipping into a horizon
where dreams stream clearly,
hope for the path to become
visible with each turn taken.
A step into space above
and dancing with the sun
we spin the stars like tops
enchanted by our ability
to find a way,
to do it all.
We rise into the beauty
and see the distance
as we float on the truth
that we can have it all.

Tired time revamp

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Making waves
creative ways found
passing the time
when universe pays mind,
slipping and sliding
crashing minutes pass
slipping into the peace
unplugged and drifting.
Return to being
as brushes dip in murky depths
and no heart as grey skies gather
behind a sun waits
for a new day found.
A reckoning of history
brought back to task
balloon string snaps
and I fly high
obscured by fog
I remember these days
when I was young
and time was forever abundant.

landline and internet out, to be fixed by the 14th😬 filling time productively? so posts will be sporadic. Pray for my sanity and patience. Yikes…not my way to start my New Years goals by posting daily. So much for resolutions, eh? Peace and love, K💜🎆💥