Being in states

Coming home to the soul
to feel the peace in dreams,
wonder found in images
being in states of now.
Long gone emptiness filters
through the tiny holes of endless space,
slipping down to glean each word
piece by piece finally found
and puzzles built slowly,
edges fitting and some expelled
to the pile of useless things
we gaze at the depth of movement
as pages stacked one by one rise,
we find the sense of being
a part of the promise fullfilled
and stand strong to take new steps
towards a limitless path

17 thoughts on “Being in states

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  2. Bravo! I’m excited for you in every way possible! 🙂 I’ll just check from time to time to stay in touch with your fertile mind and pen! Hugs from up here in freezing cold weather. Life is good, Lucy is a Champ, and Smudge loves everyone with a warm lap! 🙂

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  3. Glad to be back, albeit somewhat…still writing,as I’m able and working on a book these days. Divided time for me equals divided mind so I’m putting the brunt of my focus on the book but still will pop in as time allows. So glad you enjoyed this piece, I truly miss being here full time💜💕


  4. Thank you Sue, swimming in the words of my personal literary masterpiece in progress and loving it. Back full time as it is he “season” at work too. Life is wonderful and I am blessed indeed💜

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  5. Elouise. Stacking up hypothetically in the pages of my Mac. It is writing itself and for that I am excited and thankful. Breaks allow me to save my thoughts for the book, trying not to spread myself thin and it feels right. Miss this place and have Lots to catch up on. Hey super L and D and Smudge💜

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  6. Fabulous! I can just see the pile of pages stacking up — and all the discarded ideas, too — also a good sign! 🙂 I know you’ll keep standing strong! 🙂 And taking a luscious break from time to time….Surveying where you are and how far you’ve come.

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  7. Beautiful Kim.. May we stand strong, and when we believe in those Dreams, then we have no limits only those which we set ourselves..
    Good to catch your post today Kim..
    Sending much love in your direction..
    Take care. ❤

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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