Slipping into natures calm,
a simple splendor beckons the mood
to surface from the depths of sleeping,
awake and dreaming
in a sensory wonderland.
We meander down the paths
through glades of green surrounding,
delicate beauty hanging high above,
sliding down on shining vines
and captured to recall on a dreary day
we notice the minutae of silken petals
and slip into times from yesterday.
The wonder of a blessing gifted
in places where the peace is found
to soothe the soul on stormy days,
we slide into calm
to at last release yet hold close joy,
into daytime dreaming slide
into bloom.

Alignment of being

Haphazard dreams filtered

and the coolness of night breached,

we slip through the realms of being

and discover the space that lies waiting

between the now and then.

A voice heard through the essence

of silver lined clouds on high,

a whisper of thought awakened

if we believe in words of wisdom,

and heed the calling to rise to more.

Spilling seeds of goodness,

we teach through kindness and love,

a simple essence of soul flowing through

a universe rich in abundance received.

We have come to the crossroad

and dig deep to make our choice,

weighing the value and worth

as one step taken shines light

how right we were as we moved through

and found the light we sought.

Simple pieces

We paint our stories
as images and words linger,
still frames on the edge of memory
decorating our soul with sweet beauty.
We find in foreign places
unexpected pleasures seen
of a day now given eternal life
beneath a noon day sun,
colored walls where strangers move
captured in their unknowing
and transfered,
lay waiting for the sands of time to wear away
the picture seen by few
yet remembered by one
on a wall reflected by the sea,
step by step we stopped to stare
at a serenity of a girl found there.

At a tiki bar/restaurant yesterday I walked down some steps near where the boats go to gas up and found some beautiful images painted on the concrete. This is one of them.