Down the spiral

Working through the midnight dream,

we enter through the magic space

chasing elusive thoughts drifting by

and capturing the essence

of a different path to tread.

We walk into the other side of life

like carnival glass we shine in color,

merry-go-round world we glimpse ourselves

and learn as we hang on

just how to thrive once more.

Slipping into a new coat of words,

we allow the falling of thought to unfurl

and delight in spaces alive with beauty,

we stand deliberate in our new selves

awake, alive and so very aware.

Yesterday I finished writing my first novel. Chock full at 87,678 words, it is a labor of love and the culmination of a dream. On to the more technical aspects now, I’m embracing the new skills I’m learning and look forward to sharing the finished product come very early summer if all goes well. Thank you for your never ending patience while I’ve been in and out here at WordPress and I will keep you updated on the next aspects of this new journey I’m living out. Peace and blessings, K

Seasons of abundance

Into the new day comes

a season of abundance gifted

through words and deed and simple things

grace is a beautiful thing.

We search the crevices for more

while forgetting to stop and thank

the creation of a shining universe,

fresh with the hope for tomorrow.

We cling to images and memories

somehow never feeling content in the now

till unexpected pleasures filter in

and capture our interest we find

all we ever needed was this one thing

peace of heart and love in infinity.

Vibrance of soul

Who does not love

the sight of brilliant colors

flooding the senses with mirth and joy

in that very moment we become

a garden of being.

Lingering in contemplation

the soothing sense of living beauty

captures our imaginations and sets a new pace

and we feel the life-force flow through

when we behold the magic of blooming

into a new being we rise and unfold,

energy higher as we reach for the sky.