Depth of Silver

Burning below the horizon,
elements of imagined fragments
flicker in a dream disturbed
by the depth of silver-
memories lined with gold
fill my soul.
Wonderous mood of free-flight
carries a soul through the firestorm
and melted edges run smooth
for time heals scars unseen,
and strength stands to see above
the smallest grain of bitterness found.
We walk the standard path
as we follow the lines
on treasure maps of old now seen-
one step forward to a run
into the sun,
and through the deepest heat
we are cooled by the memory
of ice running down in death,
puddles reflecting
yesterday reborn once more.
Dreams can mask truth
and emotion can fuel storms,
yet choosing to see deeper
we can set it aside
and step through lightly
to the other side unscathed.

I thank you dear friends for the wait. My old iPad…my very, very old iPad, could no longer keep up with the times so WP disconnected me due to some security thing they had concern with. Alas, the world runs on 12 and I couldn’t even upgrade to 10. Blessed with a shiny new iPad I am now free to roam the internet WP world once more.

I’m back…..shiny happy iPad works like a dream and my first post on it is in your hands. Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday☀️