Where have you been…an update

We travel the distance,
catching the tail of the wind
that spirals through the wilderness
on our way through unchartered lands,
we find ourselves as the journey unfolds, 
and so much more than we ever thought
follows us through to new days waiting,
We become whole and complete.

Good morning my friends.
I’ve recently been quite MIA from the poetry world
as I pursued the act of writing a full fiction novel.
What a whirlwind experience it has been,
and I am proud and happy as the dream has been fulfilled.

On Sunday, my work of fiction ”Tales From The Thrift” was released on Amazon. it clocks in at 293 pages and it’s a story that pretty much like my poetry, wrote itself.

It was a labor of love that began in March and I’m already letting the wheels turn on the sequel. Thank you for being patient as I dipped my toes in the water with the publishing world. I see many more books in my future, what a thrill and experience that allowed growth to this poets mind.

31 thoughts on “Where have you been…an update

  1. thanks Mags, it’s been a whirlwind. I found it funny that writing the book was the easiest part. It just flowed effortlessly. 🙂 a great learning experience for the rest so far, but enjoying the ride ❤

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  2. I’m waiting for my copies to come in as I now have a website up to sell them, they are on Amazon but a lot are requesting autographed copies. The website has two items, one for people who live close by and one that includes shipping. I need to find a guinea pig to use it for the first time on my website. New things I’m learning 🙂 but the site is talesfromkllaettner.square.site if you want to take a look at it. I hope that if someone buys one there, it allows them to put a ship to address so I know where to send it…the strange science of internet commerce 🙂

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  3. Yay! This is the best news possible, Kim. I’m on my way to get myself a copy! 🙂 Love, hugs, blessings, poetic license and whatever else makes sense — to YOU!
    Elouise 🙂

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  4. Thanks Alexis, it was a fun write and read…although editing myself, I would wake editing in my sleep. Read it five times during….time to start next sequel💞and thank you

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  5. It was a great experience, and as you can see, my mind was not quite awake when I wrote this, 293 pages, not words…would be a very short book😁 it’s something I’d always wanted to do and I’m pleased with the end result, even hubby liked it and he’s a tough sell when it comes to books. Thanks friend,, peace and blessings, K

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