Beyond dreamland

There lies a place,
tucked within the smallest crevice
where dreams come to play in the deep of night.
We linger and whisper to the stars
our tiny secrets of the heart
for shouting aloud to hear my now
was never the way of the skies.
I lay below the field of wonder
and quench my heart of love found high,
in the name of all,
I know the truth will conspire
to witness the falling of miracles.
For in the space between here and now
there is a blip of sound that can be heard,
from the universe that always hears
the faintest whisper of a feather falling,
it holds us in the warm embrace
and shelters the soul
in the arms of clouds,
and delivers with a gentle nudge,
the strength to carry us along.

Still flying high on the excitement of the book release and tomorrow the ebook will release on Amazon. For those who need the link, here you go my friends ❤

24 thoughts on “Beyond dreamland

  1. “Still flying high on the excitement of the book release and tomorrow the ebook will release on Amazon. For those who need the link, here you go my friends.”

    Let’s see what the future holds. Meantime well done and good fortune.

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  2. It’s funny how we rely on technology so much these days, so much advancement in so few years, incredible 😱 but like everything, pros and cons. Have a lovely day Brian😊

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  3. It is. I think I managed to download kindle on my Ipad. But my Iphone fell in a rain/mud pool outside the car yesterday. stayed two hours while we had lunch. Only realized when I got back to the car…. Arrrrgggghhhh!

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  4. Hay Brian, thanks so much. I’m getting a ton of positive feedback on it so far and am now immersed in another novel. My newest 💗 and all well here. Hot and sticky, typical August weather come early😱 let me know what you think😊and have an amazing day.

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  5. Hi Kim. Bought the e-book on Amazon after minutes of fight with the Amazon guys, that I have to change my account from .com to (the mexican subspecies!)
    Now all I have to figure is how read it on my Ipad… More computer fighting in line but I look forward to it, the title and first lines are enticing.

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  6. and in our souls, others find refuge, the sanctuary of rest, where no worry is allowed in, and dreams are able to multiply, like a virus of happiness that has no cure, amen, love the post, best of look with your book of words, K, Amen

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  7. Beautiful poem that captures our imagination Kim.. And Oooooh… a book!! how wonderful.. Wishing you every success with its sales Kim.. and so good to catch a post here from you this late evening.. Sending LOVE and Hugs your way ❤

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