Free is good

Good morning, afternoon, depending on where you are. I have been burning the midnight oil writing books these days, in between my day job. Finding one’s passion is a good thing, and I am learning so much in this endeavor.

My ebook, A Timeless Tale ebook is being offered for FREE for Kindle From now until the 19th of November. If you are interested, check it out. It was unexpected, as when I tried to run the promotion, the beast that is Amazon said no. Surprise, surprise, today I went on and found my promotion in full swing. My author name is K.L.Laettner, so you can find it on my author page, or it is listed on the Free Kindle promotions page.

I hope to be back writing here soon, I miss you all. Peace, love, and blessings. Infinite Zip a.k.a. K.L.Laettner author


Free Ebook

9 thoughts on “Free is good

  1. You’re most welcome! I am happy that all is going smoothly for the second book. I shall be purchasing it too. 😊 You’re moving right along, Kim. It’s beautiful to witness.

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  2. Thanks, Tre. I am doing my first book club event on Dec 11th. Have gone back and had Tales edited, just need to reissue the ebook in a clean format. My second was professionally edited. Learning and loving the process. All I need now is someone who can design covers😄hank you for reading, for honest feedback, and as always, for being magnificently you💞

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  3. Thank you, been a busy bee. Miss my poetry, but time is fleeting and I keep,raising the bar on my goals. A good thing, but… Thanks my friend💞


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