Quicksilver moon

Words slip…
sliding down paper tongues,
nestled amongst forgotten tomes
of history remembered
in dusty attics.

Sharp tongue slays the beast
of a procrastination hour
left lingering beneath the quicksilver moon,
waiting for the crystal cleanse,
the heart hastens to grasp
the birth of an image.

Who we become when no one sees
the hands moving through the story’s rise and fall,
splayed like paint across barren walls,
we write our future in the clouds
that descends over the light
of luna’s delicious irony,
here and gone,
the void deep and wide.

Hasten the mind to bring forth,
in reason and madness the spirit toys
with the lopsided circumstance the creation rising,
becoming one of itself-
a silly song sings of a child’s logic,
and nimble fingers draw the way
down the page of a new story born.

17 thoughts on “Quicksilver moon

  1. Thank you Sue, sending much love to you. Working the day job and writing/releasing books 📚 these days. Loving the process and life…amazing things happening💜peace and blessings, K

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  2. You inspired me, my friend. Doing wonderfully, writing my brains out for NaNoWriMo, 42k words and not done yet. Both books doing well and working on a series. Life is good, albeit a tad cold for my bones. Just put on jeans…to go with my heavy sweatshirt😱you are always in my thoughts, always💕

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  3. I love the first stanza of this poem! The rest of it, too–though especially that first stanza. Given all the books in our house on every floor, I now know why it’s so hard to part with any of them…It would ‘kill’ the stories so faithfully written and read for ages. So here’s to thriving libraries and second-hand book shops that keep them alive! 🙂

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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