Awash in beauty

Life moves forward, twisted bumps and turns exhaust

the feelings of uncertainty- here we gather in single formation,

buds on the line weathering storms created,

as indecision inspires the muse of words, spinning out of control she bleeds on parchment and weeps for the skies.

In the middle of nowhere the song rises, reaching ears in prisons without walls, flying high to gather safe,

One bird, two bird, ten come forth to mock as life unfolds,

Minutes, seconds, ticking by in their haphazard way-and I watch before drifting into afternoon slumber, the flowers unfurl from rest,

Uninhibited by the goings-on of us mere mortals who cower, afraid for the invisible madness that may or may not strike, perhaps it is we that now gaze in jealousy of a young cardinal on the line who sings a song,

Flying high and away, things we can only dream of in this hour.

I am watching the unfolding of creation and have found a sacred peace as witness to that which I had forgotten.

I spy greatness in the Orchids, and thus, I am alive to the forgotten calling of allowing.

15 thoughts on “Awash in beauty

  1. I didn’t start writing until I was 50, Kim, and had the exact same feeling of “finally figuring out what I wanted to do when I grew up.” Lol. And I loved the idea that writing was something I could do well into old age! Here to decades of creativity!

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  2. Hi there, haven’t been getting much poetry in as these days are now spent writing books. Love, love, love writing and it only took 52 years to find what I wanted to do when I grew up😊WP is odd now on my new iPad, so unfollowed many, but am reinstating a few here and there. You’re followed back, too. Did it again, just to make sure😊💜

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  3. Hi Kim. Good to hear from you. We’re locked up too. I am concerned about the capacity of the health system to attend the crisis…
    Stay safe. 😷🙏🏻💕✌️


  4. Doing well, how goes it south of the border? Hunkered down here and churning out stories…haven’t worked since 3/17…staying sane and eating too much. Hope you and your family are well and that life is still treating you good.🙏🏻💜😷

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  5. Well, well, welcome back! So good to hear form you. I was getting a tad worried. I hope you were just too busy.
    Now, stay home, stay safe… this virus is a mean fellow.

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