Constant movement

Days move through
within me and without
the tether to bind the touch
of creating words
into new views.
I wandered the path
of sand strewn beaches
and withered away beneath
the blazing sun,
in between cause and effect
I found the balance lay
in a life along the shores
of bliss.
Where I have I been?
This state of constant change,
of movement like waves
that lift me to heights
dreamed by a child who knows-
time has become a friend
that I call by name and welcome,
to sit and stay, to ruminate on thoughts
over a glass of Chardonnay.
I miss these moments when they’re gone
and wonder where I shall allow
the current to carry me now,
this hollow vessel that needs to anchor
to wallow beneath a starry sky
and remember why.

Hello my friends, it’s been a while and I’ve been still here in this wonderland
of time and circumstance-but have taken the gift to create. I’ve written a few books and have a few more on tap,
but for the first time ever, have worked on one of poetry. Who would have thought, I know, right? October 12th my baby will be released to the world.
The only good thing that’s come of the Covid is it has given me endless time to work on things near and dear to my heart. The book thing is a passion that I cannot stop and though it pulls me away, it’s been amazing to get back down to it and craft words of poetry. My fear was that without the splendid images, the words would fall flat, but in my heart I know they’ll rise on their own and become truths.
I hope you are all doing well, that your hardships have been minimal during this terrible time, and that your family and loved ones, friends, and fur babies are all thriving. I’ll be back more often, as my husband has requested I stop in and visit more often (he misses the poetry morning email that arrives in his empty iPad mailbox) so that I shall, happily.



18 thoughts on “Constant movement

  1. I’m still knee deep in projects. I find business helps with not working, almost six months, scary…but productivity keeps my thoughts busy. Writing is a perfect wave for me to ride💜💕💜💕miss being around, too. Hope you are well and thriving💕😊 much love in return.

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  2. Congratulations Kim on your new books my friend, and likewise well wishes returned your way… ❤ And happy to see you back blogging, though as luck would have it haven’t been travelling around WP as often… Take care and much love your way ❤

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  3. They’re all free on Kindle Unlimited if you have that. I’ve been genre hopping when I write…silly muse, the latest will be my first poetry😳🤣the vid is high down here in Florida, but I haven’t worked since 3/15 sooo lots of time to write, read, and take naps.


  4. Yes. Wise idea I stay put in the great white north; though Covid cases in Ontario hit 105 yesterday. Three digits. Oooo! Interested to see about your books. Expect a visit :0)

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  5. I will, Betty. It’s up for preorder on Amazon, but the paperback will be out before the ebook release date(10/12). I miss it here, and have been writing novels for the last year. A huge learning process that I still enjoy, learning daily and loving it. Thank you, and much love💜💕

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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