A Denouement

Sad days..tears, Skip was a influence as a new writer, and being privy to many of his works in progress, he was priceless and this hurts.

Writing Odds n Ends

My father. My children’s grandfather. My friend.

by Jessi Clarkson, Skip’s daughter.

You haven’t heard from my father in a while. He has been absent from this blog for health reasons.

My sweet father passed away this Monday approximately 1:00 AM. My sisters and I gathered around his hospital bedside and held his hand as he slipped away into the immortal atmosphere.

My family recognizes that there are quite a few of you who have befriended my dad here on this site. Therefore, I would like to keep you updated with more stories that we find of his and his songs, poems, and musings.

We are all so sad to lose such a creative and loving person in our life.

I will be posting the treasures we find, old and new, if he meant for them to be public, here on this site. May you be comforted as I am…

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24 thoughts on “A Denouement

  1. Sorry dear Kim to be reconnecting to such a sad post…. You are held in my thoughts..
    I was so delighted to see you today…. Good to be reconnecting and to read in your comments you are now published.. Well done you… All comes to those who persevere and who have patience to trust in themselves. For when the time is right all unfolds.. ..
    much love your way Kim…
    Sue x ❤

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  2. Helloooo. So glad to hear form you and see that nothing more serious than a lot of work and projects. Crazy times indeed. Did you get your shots yet? Look forward to more posts.
    thinking back. Be well.

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  3. Yes, doing well. Work ramped up again and am working on finishing the latest book and have two others on the back burner. I try to pop in and see y’all and will be upgrading my blog soon… need to change the name to my author name if it will let me without losing any of my peeps. How are you faring? Crazy times and finally put out a book of poetry…who hold have thought, huh?🤣I will be back soon and look forward to posting more if all goes well. Off work for the summer so a lot of time on my hands🥰be well B and thinking of you.

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  4. Hi Kim. Are you all right? I know you’re still around coz I “see” your likes, but haven’t had a post in a long time.
    Just wave and say Hi if you are all right. Otherwise… reach out?
    Take care.

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  5. Thanks Mags, yes, it was sad and I am happy to hold fond memories of our conversations and encouragement in our writings. I am well, finally published a book of poetry, on top of my other novels. Took me long enough🤣hope these days find you doing well, also. Have a great weekend and stay safe💕

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  6. It’s so sad when the world loses a writer. It’s also wonderful that you and he found each other here on WP. Thanks for the posting from his daughter. It’s a sober reminder of how short life is.

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  7. I’m sending my condolences. Blogging is like one big family and I understand that this can be just as emotional as losing someone we once knew in person. This has happened to me before, so you have my empathy ❤

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  8. Thanks Tre, he was a cool character…one of my first followers and an excellent short story and children’s book crafter. Sad, indeed, and I hope his treasure trove of tales bring his family solace for the future. Thank you, I pray I, too, am remembered many years from now, by someone I influenced as a beginner.💜

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  9. big hugs This is sad news. I admire the daughter for taking the time to make sure she posted this snippet to make others aware–knowing how important it was to her father. I send my condolences to you, Kim. I am so sorry for their loss and for yours.

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