A Denouement

Sad days..tears, Skip was a influence as a new writer, and being privy to many of his works in progress, he was priceless and this hurts.

Writing Odds n Ends

My father. My children’s grandfather. My friend.

by Jessi Clarkson, Skip’s daughter.

You haven’t heard from my father in a while. He has been absent from this blog for health reasons.

My sweet father passed away this Monday approximately 1:00 AM. My sisters and I gathered around his hospital bedside and held his hand as he slipped away into the immortal atmosphere.

My family recognizes that there are quite a few of you who have befriended my dad here on this site. Therefore, I would like to keep you updated with more stories that we find of his and his songs, poems, and musings.

We are all so sad to lose such a creative and loving person in our life.

I will be posting the treasures we find, old and new, if he meant for them to be public, here on this site. May you be comforted as I am…

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20 thoughts on “A Denouement

  1. Thanks Mags, yes, it was sad and I am happy to hold fond memories of our conversations and encouragement in our writings. I am well, finally published a book of poetry, on top of my other novels. Took me long enough🤣hope these days find you doing well, also. Have a great weekend and stay safe💕

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  2. It’s so sad when the world loses a writer. It’s also wonderful that you and he found each other here on WP. Thanks for the posting from his daughter. It’s a sober reminder of how short life is.

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  3. I’m sending my condolences. Blogging is like one big family and I understand that this can be just as emotional as losing someone we once knew in person. This has happened to me before, so you have my empathy ❤

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  4. Thanks Tre, he was a cool character…one of my first followers and an excellent short story and children’s book crafter. Sad, indeed, and I hope his treasure trove of tales bring his family solace for the future. Thank you, I pray I, too, am remembered many years from now, by someone I influenced as a beginner.💜

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  5. big hugs This is sad news. I admire the daughter for taking the time to make sure she posted this snippet to make others aware–knowing how important it was to her father. I send my condolences to you, Kim. I am so sorry for their loss and for yours.

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