Translucent Moments

Three a.m. tick-tock mind

through dreams she moves

and in silence she wakes,

listening to the beat

of a universe vibration.

Crystal girl hanging

in the space of a breath,

she slips into the chill

of a pre-morning calling,

wake, wake gentle spirit,

the time to rise has come.

Whispered prayers of a new day born,

as the crescent hangs high,

a smile dancing on wisps of clouds

she gazes and giggles

at the frivolity of her moods,

and sings her silent song of praise.

Letting go is the new translucent moment,

and in her wake she leaves

fractured particulate of sparkles,

glinting like diamonds and quartz,

held close to her heart

she is reborn again in an image

she remembers from the ghosts of the crones

who came before time began.

Listen, she says with a nod,

they know the way forward…

and she follows with a grateful heart.

Moving into the day on light steps

she dances in the darkness of the now,

comforted in her strength

she rises and knows

all is well in her world.

8 thoughts on “Translucent Moments

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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