The Cleansing

With clear intention the full moon waits…

while the shine of precious things hold court

and allow the needed cleanse to fall.

I breathe the peace of remembered things

as they slip through the ether of my mind-

Written words of the coming moment

burned on a pyre of bliss

and set free to fly higher,

into the atmosphere of the now.

Who I am becoming,

the petals unfolding in the dark of night,

as stars wink at their knowing

of the shift of self,

then to now.

I am the peace I prayed for,

with lines drawn and boundaries laid

I move forward in calmness and serenity,

filling each breath with intention

I gather the precious stones,

the words of wisdom of ancestors,

pull close the yearning for higher learning,

I lean in and blow out the light,

and hearing the waves of the distance call,

slip into their depths

to arise clean and pure.