Never Ready For The Moment

Meditation moments unfurl

as spears of light break through,

never prepared for the moment

we rush to gather tools

to capture fleeting images,

never realizing it lives

in the recesses of a memory.

I walk beneath whimsical clouds

mocking my eagerness

as flowing, floating lumps gather

to block the white light,

replaced with a melancholy

as I know this moment

will never return,

that I won’t feel that wonder

of rays peering through to find

the magical place that received


in that very blink of an eye.

I move forward,

allowing the world to flow through

crown chakra to below

where crystals lay in crust

beneath my footsteps

waiting, soothing with energy,

it flows like miracles,

this is coming home.

14 thoughts on “Never Ready For The Moment

  1. Hi Michael, The Girl Who Captured The Stars is my favorite and it’s stand-alone The Girl Who Captured Memories I am told is my best🌟❤️When they’re your babies, it’s hard to choose a favorite 🤩 but they are both magical reads. Busy days at work, but hopefully I morph back to normal soon🙏🏻

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  2. Thank you Kim! Really appreciate you support and will look to check out one of your books in the near future… which would you recommend to me?

    Peace to you as well,

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  3. I’ve self published a few books and keep going on that. Busy days at work which slows me down, but summer will be now spent in NY near Buffalo and family, so excited to have lots of time to create. Keep working on your dream, you are a magnificent talent and it will happen, I have faith. Peace and blessings, K


  4. I’ve got a novel drafted I’ve slowly been sending around to see if I can interest the publishing world. And I’ve recently begun working on another… It’s been a bit since we talked but I’ve had a few short stories published in literary journals too, and you can find those on the “Fiction” link on my site… Thanks for asking. What about you?

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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