Real Neat Blog Award

Those of you who know me, know I don’t really do awards anymore and unfortunately I’m kind of stuck inside due to a little incoming storm named Colin. My first tropical storm in the new diggs, and my buddy Tre was nominated by Simply Etta D as was I, and by others before that. I won’t nominate anyone but if you wish to partake there are a few rules that apply.

  1. Put the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate any number of bloggers you like.
  4. Let them know you nominated them.
  5. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.

If you’re willing to play along or just answer some simple questions,  you can do so in the comments section: These are the questions from Tre which I will try my best to answer

  1. Who/What? motivates you most? I don’t think it’s really a Who that motivates me, I just find so many interesting things through life or dreams that tend to move me to write. It’s something I’ve always done so I can’t really hold any specific person accountable, just this amazing universe.
  2. If you’re in love, when did you know this was so? I knew I was in love when I saw my husband across a smoke-filled room at a biker clubhouse. Tall dark and mysterious, and the curls…loved the curls. Plus the leather…and his smile, and his bad boy look…okay, enough….
  3. What is your favorite song? Now this is a tough one for me because there are just so many but I think the two that come to mind are “Shine on you crazy diamond” by Pink Floyd and “Danny’s song” by Kenny Loggins (Loggins and Messina?) then anything from the Moody Blues, John Denver, old Genesis, etc….okay, you can stop gagging now 🙂
  4. What is your favorite season? Summer without a doubt. Can’t get enough of the sun when living up North, now it’s like every day is Summer down here in the sunshine state.
  5. How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing since I was a child, but didn’t start putting it out to the public until a little over two years ago. 

Thanks to Tre for inspiring me to finally get off my tush and do one of these, you can check her post on this award here:

So, my questions to those who wish to partake:

  1. What is your one favorite memory from childhood.
  2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
  3. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take two foods, what would they be?
  4. What book inspired you the most in your life and why?
  5. If you could spend an hour talking to a person dead or alive, who would that person be?
  6. Bonus question: What is your favorite song?

What a day, and thank you for that

2200 of you. Yes, 2200 beautiful people out there took the time to stop in and follow this blog. WOW.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. I’m sure you’re wondering why 2200 is so important to me, right? Well, I started this blog two years ago this month but I was so afraid to put stuff out there, afraid I wasn’t good enough to warrant the attention of anyone out there. I really didn’t post until the beginning of January once I got up enough courage. The first year alone I received 1100 followers. Heck I was so tickled pink I was rolling on the floor and my goal was to hope for the same the next year. At times I wrote crap (yeah, I can say it out loud) and sometimes I think I did pretty good. I began (in the beginning there was OM) and I learned so much from aopinionated man (shout out to you my unicorn loving friend) the first few months, to just be myself and put what I wanted to out there. I have never had a troll to date and for that also consider myself so lucky. My spelling and grammar suck but you are kind enough to let me know and for that I thank you.

I began this blog because at the time I was angry, at the world, at life and at certain people I had to tangle with occasionally. I needed a place to be me, to let the crazy thoughts and images out and I found that here, and then you came. Still WOW, yeah, WOW. Thank you my friends for your likes, your comments and above all for sticking with me when I didn’t think I could do it. I try each day to make your day a little better by what I create and am in returned inspired by the things you create.

This is just such an amazing world and I’m glad you are along on the journey with me and for caring enough to stop by just to say Hi. I miss you when you disappear and smile so brightly when you return, why? Because you are my friends, my tribe, all 2200 or you amazing and beautiful people out there. WOW.

And a very special thank you to my 2200th follower today, peace and blessings and best wishes for today and always. The blog who made me smile today so big is over at stop and give a shout out and read some positive words. Thank you Thank you and Thank you all for being so amazing.

I think this calls for a party! Honey, if you’re reading this pick up some champagne please and thanks 🙂  Heck, even he’s still reading I think. Thank you for that too my love.


Peace and love,  Kim

The Shine on and be awesome award

The shine on and be awesome award

  1. What song describes you the best?
  2. What food item do you detest?
  3. What is your favorite ice cream?
  4. What have you done lately that made someone smile?
  5. If you were an animal, what kind would you be and why?
  6. What makes you happy?
  7. If you could get rid of one word in the world, what word would it be?
  8. Why are you amazing….must answer!
  9. If you could be a car/truck/motorcycle, what kind would you be?
  10. Fill in the blank….This day is amazing because_________.
  11. What was your favorite memory as a child?

To accept award, copy and answer the following questions and offer award to anyone who wants to accept. Add more questions if you’d like or change-up in any way. The point is to have fun and learn more about your fellow bloggers and at the same time, realizing how awesome you truly are. I created this award as I’ve been nominated quite a lot lately for awards and always wanted to do one of my own. So if you’ve never received a nomination, this one is for you especially. Please feel free to display the badge once you’ve answered the questions and feel free to share with the world because we are all awesome and just need to remember it sometimes. Shine on my friends.

Ruby red slipper standout week 5

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a ruby red slipper standout but due to popular demand it is back in all of its shiny goodness. For those new to my site, this post spotlights a blog that some of you may or may not be familiar with. Like a pay it forward,  we all want to be seen and heard and if you wish to be spotlighted in the future, see the email at the end of the post and drop me a line.


I first found Fawn when I began blogging, her Triggers Horse site was recommended by WP and I popped In and liked what I saw.

Fawn tells wonderful tales based on her life, childhood and everything in between.  A heartwarming place I am sure you will love and she always makes me smile with her wonderful comments.

I asked Fawn to choose two pieces that she thought were her favorite or best pieces and I loved them both so check these out and I know you will find a new friend who you will visit often.   the first poem she ever wrote


stop in and say hi to Fawn, you will find a dear woman waiting with kind words and a smile for the world.

if you wish to be featured on a Sunday Ruby Red slipper standout, email me at Being a clean family site I request any submissions to be along the same genre.  Photography,art,poetry, cooking or writing of all styles welcome.


Ruby Red Slipper Standout Week 4

We have now made it to week four and I hope you have all found some new and exciting blogs to check out. Just a reminder on how this Sunday post goes is that if you would be interested in being spotlighted please contact me and I will make a slot for a future post about your site. This is a clean family blog so I will request that your site fit the style of a happy writing, photography or cooking blog that everyone can enjoy.
So without further ado I take you to today’s standout blog.

Elouise has a beautiful writing style and her site is called Telling the Truth. If you check out her “about me” page, you will see that she is a “little bit of everything” kind of woman. Her gravitar is of the most beautiful rose. I can almost smell it through my screen.

Her writing style is the kind I can read and then reread and find new gems in. Her blog is simple and clean, uncluttered and a beautiful read with each post you will find. Deep and truthful you will smile, cry and hopefully find a new friend to journey through the land of WP with.
Check her out her with this piece selected for your Sunday standout read. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

If you wish to be spotlighted in the future, don’t forget to drop me a line at

Ruby red slippers standout

Every once in awhile, okay at least a few times a week I find a blog that touches me with its honesty and truth, poetry and longer pieces too can take me away to a place within that I’ve forgotten or places that I’ve never been but feel as if I had after reading. I am trying something new here, sharing the love and light with other stand out blogs that I think you may find inspiring also, if of course you had not found them already. I will do this every other Sunday so if you would be interested in being featured, send me an email and a link to one of your favorite pieces and I will see what I can do to add you on the list of bliss.

Today’s featured ruby red slippers standout is an amazing blog that I found quite a bit ago and wanted to share here today.
Priya Pareek is a great writer and is trying to reach more people with her amazing poetry and other bloggers have helped me achieve my dreams in the past, I am now passing it along.
Is where you will find this beautiful soul and for a great piece she has done, click on the following to explore her blog world.
I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do and don’t forget, if you’d like to be featured in the future, drop me a line with a link to your blog and a piece you most think represents what piece shines it’s ruby slipper light, because there’s no place like your blog home, open the doors, drop the house and show it off:) watch out for the twisters and give the flying monkeys the day off, it is Sunday after all.
Peace, love and patchouli.

Liebster award ( one of four)

I have been very remiss In accepting these awards as they take quite awhile to accept and for the first two months of blogging, I wasn’t quite sure of how to link in a blog, and as you will see, when I comment on your about page, still can’t link this actual post. What can I say, I am not a techno person and an iPad isn’t very user friendly but I told sleepy kitten last week I would get to hers in short order so here goes. My adorable gravitar friend nominated me and her blog is the cats ass…smiles..
I was awarded the Liebster award which I am told is generally given to people who have less than 200 followers. Some blogs I cannot see how many followers there are so will have to try and pick. This award has had several rules, from fourteen new nominees and this one had five, which I might add made my fingers very happy. So I have to choose five blogs to nominate and pose eleven questions for them to answer.
Oh, and you have to go to their about page and pass the baton (the nomination)
The five nominees I am awarding this to are as follows:

my answers from sleepy kittens questions are as follows;

Of all your worldly possessions, what is the most most sentimental, most dear to your heart item that you could never part with?
I think if my house were burning, I would grab my iPad as it has all of my photos and writing, I have a lot of things I love but like life, when you’re gone you can’t take anything with you so I am more attached to my love and pets, irreplaceable .

What is your favourite quote and by whom? Hmmm, not sure who said it but “to be happy, just be”
What is your favourite childhood song and why?
Elvis burning love! because my mom would shake her hips and laugh. Laughter is good.

What is your favourite post that you have written? (Please provide link!)
This is fun, I do not have a favorite because the way I write, once I hit publish it is out of my mind. You could show me a poem I wrote a month ago and I wouldn’t recall it.

If you were to write the story of your life, what might be the title?
the eternal quest for what is it all about( and do I have to come back and do it again till I get it right?)

What’s a song you would choose for your “theme song”?
Isn’t life strange- The Moody Blues

What is the most interesting or inspirational discovery you have made in your life so far?
That the hardest thing to do is to just let it go and that everything has a time and place,history is written already but we don’t know it, things will happen and it is a part of what makes us who we are. We cannot be defined by life, we need to make our beautiful mark on it.

Define beauty. A pure soul.

Do you believe in fate? No, everything is written in the stars, we are a part of a universal whole.

What is the philosophy or mission behind your blog? To empty my head of the words and hope that someone my actually find something worthy in them.

What makes you laugh? My dogs playing with abandon and running like the wind around the yard.

I will bestow upon my nominees the same questions as they were quite fun and worthy.

Awards (a first attempt at a big ole thank you)

I have been nominated for numerous awards and debated for quite awhile should I or shouldn’t I. Pros and cons abound and I am truly honored. I am the type of gal who likes to be read and I know many of you may or may not want the same thing. Validation is a wonderful thing and I know some I nominate do not accept awards but are great blogs that inspire me and I share with my friends. Mom taught me well that way, so I will try to pick these off if time allows and I will make a note if they are a no blog award zone to honor their wishes.
So here goes, I will start with last nomination first and work backwards. Gonna be a long day folks:)
I was nominated for this award by

Now if you choose to accept this award, the first thing you need to do is thank the person who gave you the award and leave a link to their blog. Then you have to choose 15 nominees, answer 7 interesting/random facts about yourself and pass the award on. It may sound overwhelming at first but once you find the time and start with this, it’s quite fun!

Here goes in no random order 15 sites I frequent a lot . I follow many and if I did not pick you, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve this, there are just so many amazing blogs.

(Madwoman of ghost harbor is a no award zone. This was the only one I could find )
Okay, now seven random thoughts about me that you may find amusing or boring.
1. I could eat pizza every day and never tire of it.
2. If I were trapped on a deserted island and could bring three music choices they would be sting- the soul cages, my moody blues anthology, and my time life seventies box set:)
3. I write off the top of my head, most poems take less than five minutes to fall out of my head onto paper.
4. I love ice cream but rarely eat it, anything with nuts and caramel rocks.
5. I love wine, but love a good cab Sauvignon with a platter of fine imported cheeses and berries.
6. My favorite days are a motorcycle ride with my hubby in the sun, singing and laughing destination unknown.
7. I was in a motorcycle club, own my own purple bike which is now 11 yrs old and has less than 3k miles on it. More fun hugging the hubby from behind,riding with him…and I can have a cocktail or two that way. And I have a few tattoos….but that’s another tale.

If you choose not to accept this award, I understand. Just felt like the girl who always turns down the invite to the party so thought, why not:)
Peace friends.