They linger in memories

Old days long gone yet still here

Gathering in my mind

Each day that passes by

Two entities breeds apart

Here always side by side

Enriched lives we lived

Remembering with love.

Our prompt today was today was to do an acrostic and my subject matter for friends was our dog Zip (why I’m known as Infinite Zip for you new comers) and his buddy Meep (aka Fat Squishy cat). Both our fur babies are no longer with us but I like to hope they are somewhere together, just hangin’ out and having a good time like the old days.

Lingering light

Our lives flicker in the lightest winds

like candles perched on water

moving with the tides,

We glow on darkest nights beneath

the moon above that aches to be full,

we sit quietly in the moment

watching as time slips past

and the wick falls below the place

where it can hold ground,

a dying sound as it fades away

and we are left with only the beam

of the orb at night

grand white circle moving slow

as we too grow weary,

making our way to the comfort of sleep

dreaming of tomorrow

and a thought of eagerness to see

a full sight of the universe.

This is for the Daily posts prompt candle. I haven’t done these in a while and thought I’d jump in again and attempt some prompted poems. Hope you enjoy.

First Voice

Michael over at the poetry channel had challenged me a little bit ago to come up with some spoken word poetry. Sooooo…this is my first stab and don’t know if it’s gonna be any good, please give me your feedback. I crept into the blue room one night as all these poetic words were swirling into my head and I quietly spoke into my MP3 recorder and this is what came out. Of course, forgetting most of what was in my head a few minutes prior.

In the future, if it passes muster, I will hone my skills and be a bit more creative. If it is horrid, I’m not sorry, but it was indeed a fun experience and in time, I hope to be up to the standards of my pal Tre and Michael. Peace blessings and by all means, fire away….I am ready, I think? I chose Woodstock as he followed me home yesterday and he seems like a happy fellow….what more can be inspiring? Ok….now to hit publish….so scary….argh!