Busy daze….

I know, I know, where the heck have I been lately. First I had to share with you what I’ve been doing, or I should say, what Chi’s been doing. A hematoma on her ear blew her up like a balloon, her ear was just a big sack of ick within, so surgery on Monday. Now the cone of shame is her life for the next 14 days. Walking into everything, drugged and “stoned” for the most part for the next 5 days, and off of her game. She did good on her walk today, we shortened it up a bit to not overdo it, and I’m struggling to make my 10K steps on my Fitbit every day, but happy to say I haven’t missed once. 250 steps = 6 laps around the pool in case you ever wondered.

Watercolor classes started this morning, lots of fun and 5 other wonderful “artists” in training with me. I can see a lot of practicing in my future, but perhaps I should have gone into veterinary medicine ’cause I could have used the chunk of change I gave, but all worth it. Unfortunately Chi may get her picture on the vet wall as “worst patient ever”, as the technician climbed on top of her to pin her down to allow the vet to administer a shot to calm her (she was muzzled and she was absolutely FREAKING out-which for her at the vet is normal), needless to say, she bucked the poor woman off into a wall and ripped a nice gash into her arm with one of her sharp claws-of which she only has two, the rest are whittled down from pavement walking daily. Someone there thought the tech needed stitches but I heard they only butterflied it. So……lets just say that no one would touch her after they got her sedated (in the back room with ALOT of guttural screaming). Talk about exhausting, but on a good note, when she goes to get her stitches out in two weeks, I have a dose of “calming-happy-don’t hurt the vet” pills to give her before we get there. Cross your fingers they work. So my friends, it’s not for having nothing to say here, it’s just that I’ve been a bit distracted and busy. I know you’ll understand, and in two weeks I may be able to accomplish a full night of sleep once the bucket comes off. If not, I may need one.

Wish the Chi luck with her healing and Apple gets to meet the vet on Friday (she tends to be a much more pleasant patient than the Chi) thank heavens. I will be back soon, Lord willing and calmness finds us soon I pray. Hi from my world, will catch up on my reading soon so don’t think I’m ignoring you, gets tough when the dog wants to lay on the keyboard and get loved ❤ but I don’t blame her in the least. Peace and blessings, K

Double trouble

So of course, after finishing bathing Chi (the one on the left) and drying her off, sending her on her way to finish her beauty self primping, I refill the tub and try to entice Apple (how now brown cow, you can’t catch me and I am NOT getting a bath) to get in the tub. While I am cajoling and pushing her into the water as gracefully as I can, Chi decides they must be in trouble and that she must have to get another bath. She jumps in beside the brown cow and sits patiently as the bubbles flew all over the place, looking all sad eyed and pathetic. Two clean dogs and one wet Mom….priceless. A day in the life of dog ownership.

Little joys

You will relax within the confines

a world of a thousand bubbles

luxury scents fill the air as you close your eyes,

hands smoothing and scratching

those hard to reach spots

feeling the smooth silk of soap cascading

over your beautiful lithe frame.

You breathe in and out slowly

as the warmth of the water pools gently over,

eyes stare lovingly? as I create a bubbled goddess

out of dirty scratchy fur

and piling mountains of slippery goodness,

wash the black specks from your beautiful body.

You wait patiently as I minister

to your every whim and paw

no cares in the world as the clock winds down

and I fold you in a dry bath sheet fresh

from the laundry stack,

rubbing and smoothing your glistening coat,

you stretch out in joy

and shake in a wild abandon

flecks of water coat the walls

as you lean on me I feel the water

on my happy hour t-shirt

I release you to the couch

where you begin to roll about

and I take on the second chore of cleaning

what had been a pristine white tub,

now filled with black sand and the remnants of

a few dead carcasses of Chi fleas.

Ah the simple joys of bath time with Chi. I didn’t attempt pictures as it’s tough to do with soapy wet hands, but as we see the issues with the sand fleas and her allergies to their bites, a warm soapy bath goes a long way, at least for a few hours, till she goes outside to bask in the sun, and once more roll in the yard sand, defeating my hard work. Perhaps I think she enjoys these baths, gotta give a mom a purpose now, you know?


Moments in life

Three am…..the blue flicker from the room beyond

television surfing channels

eyes open to slowly register

who is up,

who is watching…..

He stumbles into the living room

dog sits up as if caught in the act,

the channel changes once more

perhaps to hide the show watched?

Animal planet voyeurism perhaps?

Dog runs to bed like a small child caught in the act,

the remote lay lifeless in the divit where the dog had lain,

everyone awake now

as the girl curls up on the bed to sleep once more-

husband now wide eyed and alert

no more sleep for him

as I flip over and resume my dreams.

Apparently the remote was left on the couch and the surround sound left on when we went to bed last night, Apple having her doggie dreams maybe? rolled onto the remote which turned the tv on and then the surfing of channels began. Still chuckling about it this morning as I write this. I slept like a baby after that, many dreams and solid sleep. Poor hubby not so lucky.


They linger in memories

Old days long gone yet still here

Gathering in my mind

Each day that passes by

Two entities breeds apart

Here always side by side

Enriched lives we lived

Remembering with love.

Our prompt today was today was to do an acrostic and my subject matter for friends was our dog Zip (why I’m known as Infinite Zip for you new comers) and his buddy Meep (aka Fat Squishy cat). Both our fur babies are no longer with us but I like to hope they are somewhere together, just hangin’ out and having a good time like the old days.


A Simple Love

She stares into the distance

searching the wires for movement

as the clouds draw in and thunder rolls

I call her name and she sees the box,

hiding from the demands

looks away camera shy.

I sit beside her enjoying the moment

as the contentment fills the soul

and lightning strikes in the distance

she turns to look at me to see

if everything’s gonna be alright

and I capture the look

the simple love and trust found

and she seems to smile then,

going back to her view

and I to my peaceful contemplation,

enjoying the change of atmosphere

yet calm in my heart

as the storm rolls by.

Glass art made by dogs

Unexpected beauty comes in all forms. We slide the glass back and forth, moving from the cool world into the jungle beyond. The Florida humidity is tempered nicely with the cool breeze of the air condition and fans within and some days we partake in a jaunt around the towns, peering into beautiful galleries filled with art creations by various hands, leaving the girls home to hold down the couch until our return…or perhaps to be creative….

My husband found our gift, painted nicely on the sliding glass door yesterday, compliments of one of the girls (Apple or Chi), they didn’t leave any paw prints to sign their name to it, not that we would be able to tell the difference if they did, but here is a beautiful flamingo. I know they made it as a gift to my husband as years ago he used to have quite the collection, and one year we even decorated our tree in pink lights, with a light up lawn flamingo at the top and all sorts of “Florida” style ornaments….it was fun and our families thought us a bit daft but that’s okay. So now we have this beautiful flamingo artwork by the drool of one of the beasties….alas….Windex will have to clean up and leave no trace of the fine work, so I captured it on camera to share with the world what my little beasties like to do when we’re not looking. I’m glad they won’t be asking to go to college to further their career in mouth art, and perhaps an extra biscuit will be in store for them later today to work their tongues into a happy froth and perhaps we will get a peacock next, pretty fan feathers and droppings to accompany.

On a side note, also celebrating today, 2500 followers. I never would have believed after writing here for two and a half years, that so many would want to read my scribblings but I thank you. I won’t draw you a flamingo in drool, no fears, but I am doing my incredible happy dance. Trust me, you don’t want to see that either.

Peace and love my friends,



Double dog dare

Just one of those moments, another year older and here I’m thinking my eyesight is failing me, I don’t remember what day I took this and do not recall the sun being at that angle where it would cast shadows like that. We’re normally out in the evening in which case the sun is on the other side of the house, in daylight I don’t think even a flash would throw that kind of light, so I will chalk it up to happy mysteries of the day to day. A double dog dare….okay, really she just wanted to go in, perhaps thought someone was getting her a bone or biscuit….or two…or three, but the image drives my eyes a bit buggy, thinking it was out of focus, nope, two for the price of one. Just a bit of Thursday fun compliments of miss Apple. Or as hubby put it so nicely a minute ago, “Mug shot?” , yep, think I will go with that….she is a thief after all, stealing our hearts like that.

Things We learn from dogs

This is Apple, as if you hadn’t already had the pleasure of meeting this fun happy canine, and this is Apple’s way of saying, “I don’t care how wet I am, I will still jump on the couch, but because I have my Diva towel, it’s okay, right?” um, well, no it’s not okay. If Gramma Gail were to see a wet dog on her couch, well, I would never hear the end of it. No matter if we roll up the rugs, protect the furniture, a wet dog will always find a way onto it. I’m in the pool and if I get out and shag her off, well then I get everything wet too. A catch 22 if there ever were one. Now Chi on the other hand, and unfortunately I don’t have a pic of it, went swimming with me, basking in the golden sunlight like the fraidy girl she is, as I CARRIED her around the pool like Cleopatra, gets out, gets all nice and dried off by Dad, who once turned around, decided she wasn’t done yet sitting in the water cooling her fur so walks over, with the towel still around her and climbs back in. Aye, what’s a parent to do. I supposed if that’s the worst of it than I can live with it. Other things I’ve learned from these silly creatures….

  • If going for a walk and the leash holder is the least bit sore, pull more so that you really do a number on their backs.
  • If the armadillo jumps, and you jump too, then it must be okay to chase it….same applies for rabbits, squirrels and small barky dogs.
  • If there’s not a way out of the fence, we will find one, never fear.
  • The best lawns to poop on are the soft cushy ones with long grass, that way we get to rest twice as long as you try to pry it out intact into the doggie doo baggie.
  • When carrying the doggie doo baggie, on garbage day, try to hit a street that hasn’t been emptied yet by the truck, as doo in a backpack in 88% humidity on an 80+ degree morning will still smell through the plastic.
  • At four o’clock on the dot, we shall commence Bone Thirty or else we will stand and stare at you as you play on your computer, leading you to feel the burn and pay attention to us.
  • You may think these bars may cage me, you’d be wrong.
  • 100_1724.jpg
  • If you’re gonna cook something on the barbecue and make me endure the luscious aromas, you had better have something left over for me.
  • Even though we didn’t see you put the biscuits in your pocket, we know that there’s more than one for each of us. We’re starving after all…how could you only grab four?
  • If it’s a nice cut lawn, we must roll on it because we can smell the nasties within that you can’t so you had better just hang on a minute while we do our rolly thing and not complain.
  • If you’re going to go out for dinner, again, you must bring us something back, even bread is fine…it still smells like your dinner.
  • If you’re gonna wash the floor, please give us a chance to go out and get dirty so we can help you plan your future washing it yet again, same with the nice white bed blanket…we love to do skids on that sucker.

So on that note, here is another pic of Apple Diva trying not to be seen on the couch, and Gramma Gail, you didn’t see this…nope, not at all.


A tale of an apple and a snake

I know, I know, you are all thinking I’m going all religious on you, perhaps lecturing on the old Adam and Eve thing but no folks, sorry….I’m here today to tell you that my dog has become, how shall we say…my hero….I love that dog….yep, she is simply amazing (when she isn’t being a pain in the you know what). Picture the scene, a very long day shopping for room stuff, paint, then back for a paint pan, then painting the entire room in one fell swoop. Well lets just say my aches had aches and I sat down with a nice glass of ice with a shot of Cabernet Sauvignon and diet ginger ale. The sun was setting, the fan was fanning and all was nice and calm at the Paradise hotel. The dogs were out cavorting and chasing the same squirrel that day after day crosses the power line above their heads as they run back and forth with tongues hanging out, waiting for the poor little Walenda squirrel to lose its footing and become a light snack…actually there are a few squirrels who do this non stop all day, I suppose they run high for a reason….but I will get to that, and no the reason wouldn’t be the dogs, or the cat I suppose but something a bit more sinister.

To anyone new to my blog, I should say that Apple is my dog….now my hero, but one of two nitwits that reside here at the Paradise….this is Apple:

100_1583Her name is Apple because of the Big Apple where she came from. And she’s the Apple of our eye (also affectionately known as happy Appy, or simple App-the other dog was a non-stop crazy thing and we thought she needed a friend so we got an App for that 🙂 ) Anyway, where was I, oh yeah….Well the two beasts were running around the yard and the sun was beginning to set on the one side of the house and Appy began coming towards her doggy door to park her butt under the fan to cool down and all of a sudden stopped and began to bark. Now it wasn’t the “hey I see you walking past my yard and I don’t like it” bark, nor was it the “I see you stupid squirrel up there in the tree staring at me” bark, it was slow and consistent and close. So being the Mom I am and being able to differentiate between my babies noises, I stood up and went to see what all the hullabaloo was about and she stood close to the house, woof….woof….and looked at me and then looked down with tail pointed out straight. So I stumble out with my aching back and get to where Miss Apple stood and looked down to see what the fuss was….and saw this….


Okay, I copped this from the internet because of course I wasn’t going to stand in sandals and snap a pic of the cute monster snake coiled up below the downspout hissing at us…after all, I couldn’t see its butt to know if a rattle was attached so I grabbed Apple and hustled her in, called the other beast (which is notorious for killing snakes and any small game she can get….but not cats…she has one and loves her) and of course they’re looking at me like I’m starkers and I’m yelling at them because this could be one of the venomous ten feet long slithery things and See the chick at the top, yep, that could be me but it wasn’t. So I did what any sensible woman would do, I went in to the garage to get the five foot snake stick….and no, I’m not like the Hilda cartoon from Haggar the horrible, I don’t beat snakes with sticks….I just wanted to give it a little poke to send it on its way to the neighbor’s house. Now I know you’re thinking I’m all mean and stuff sending it that-a-way but the neighbor loves his black snakes…was quite devastated because he thought his died as he hadn’t seen it for a while. Well that’s because it took us a year to move here, so in the mean time, Sunny the snake moved into our yard and took up residence. Now just so you know, I hate snakes….but I was told the black ones are good as they eat lots of things…and not dogs or cats…..or people for that matter. But a snake should be polite I think and if I surprise them, they should just scoot off yonder out of my way, not hiss at me like they’re gonna go all kamikaze on my butt just because. So Sunny isn’t venomous, the dogs didn’t get Sunny…Apple merely alerted me to the fact that something just wasn’t quite right….Chi would have killed the poor thing and not thought twice. So Apple saves the day, the snake moved off slithering into the back corner….although I would have been happier to see him scale the fence and go visit Mickey for awhile. (Mickey the neighbor…not the mouse). In my research I see these snakes can grow to be 70 inches long….lets pray it doesn’t get to that….I may not be so forgiving and kind.

2F826BC3-AB3F-4885-9158-40F25AAB75C9The answer…..not if it wants to live.