Hand made love

A child born

creation by hands of two

after the I do’s

held together with fragile threads

stitched through the winds of change and time.

Years pass in the blink of an eye

quickly like a hummingbirds wing

the moments flit by almost invisible

and recalled in sweet and sorrowful memories.

Half a century almost gone

and voices on lines quiver in a fear

of days to come

but they approach with or without our permission

and we stand helpless to stop the nature

of the progression of life.

Thoughts of strength sent across the universe,

a breath in and out filled with

trepidation and positiveness,

though both do not compliment each other

in an all or nothing thought,

the belief to know that good will come

manifested in thoughts

yet still wavering a bit.

A hundred flowers of beauty I see

stitched with the delicate thread

wound in and out like the lives we lead

as we struggle to know and believe

in outcomes that suspend

our lives a bit longer,

that seek to show

our love a bit stronger,

and a tear of joy shed

when they say it is all good

you may go home now.

A piece of it all

I am born

in the sunshine cast on open fields,

I am the quiet calm of circumstance

grown wild and free among my sister the Earth,

brother the moon,

I am the peace of the moment,

the whisper of wind words that blow through

the conscious mind swimming in waves of a heartbeat

sounding from under water

floating amongst it all.

I am the essence of the karma I’ve become,

the good and the bad

yin and yang

two halves making a whole

and the mind in dream

sitting relaxed.

I am a piece of it all,

the fields of birdsong

the forest of shadow and light,

the waters blue lifting

the song of a child

singing in a lonely room

company kept by friends of plastic eyes

and colored fluff,

I am here waiting thinking out loud

hoping the answers come

true to my deepest belief,

a prayer to heal

the ravages of time and testament,

a wish for life.



Moments of mercy

Blue lights flash

unexpected this lazy sunny holiday

people moving about



somewhere someone’s life hangs

in the balance

between speed and mercy

copter sits in the open

knowing soon it must go

high in the air

rush rush

heartbeat depends on quick straight flight.

the street where I live

a distant neighbor

unknown by myself

I hear the buzz of chain saws in the distant like

angry Mosquitos

saying a prayer for the unknown traveller

soon sky bound for rescue

soon to live to see another day

that I hope and pray.


down the street the Mercy flight helicopter waits for its passenger, a neighbor down the street, praying for life for this unknown soul.