I stood below
Your cold neon glow
Surroundings lit with your
Rays of night,
Full moon to my right
Moving so quickly
Each day flash forward
And I asked you questions
As I stood alone
Listening to the crunch of frozen leaves
From steps of the hounds in the forest
Needing answers
opening my heart to embrace all,
You gave me the peace
Of redefining my path
And I smiled at you
My long-lost December moon
As I gathered the beasts
Withdrawing back to the confines
Of warmth,
Feeling the glow of love
For answers always told
In conversations with skies
And stars that align
To set dreams free
To become their own reality.
Thank you my sweet Luna
For the gifts you give
The peace you bestow
The friends you send to keep company
And for the stars that keep me focused
On strength and determination
To not back down
To forge ahead
To let it be
Imagined dreams
To come to fruition,
To set my path towards destiny.


When I was quite young
Deciding to run far away
Let’s go I said
A big adventure
I imagined how far we would make it
As far as Saskatoon I hoped,
Not knowing where Saskatoon was….
But surely it must be close.
We packed some soda
Bottles of dr Pepper
And some cookies
A sandwich or two
As there was only so much room
And off we trod that summer morning,
Off to find our destiny.
About a half a mile, or maybe it was more like a quarter,
Parched we stopped to drink some soda
But alas, this was before the days of twist off
And there would be no cool soda
To wet our throats.
We found a creek running lightly beside the road
But being next to a field of cows
Thought it might taste a bit funny
And so declined.
Hot and tired we sat below an apple tree.
Farm houses were in the distance
We ate the cookies
Then the sandwiches,
Peanut butter and grape jelly now squished,
Maybe this wasn’t going as planned.
Do we turn around?
Do we continue on?
And what if it got dark?
No lights back then on country roads,
And packs of wayward snarling hounds
Crept through wooded places,
Just the place we were about to get to.
We chewed on a weed while pondering our fate,
And being a bit smart decided we would try again
At some later date.
We picked up our sack,
Now empty and tossed the soda,
Because what good is it without an opener
And being hot and tired,
Why carry the extra weight?
We walked back home,
Our heads hung low
Failing at our mission
To run away to foreign lands,
And the house in sight around the curve
Came home to realize that in our minds
What took all day,
Really had only taken an hour plus.
No one missed us.
No joyful welcome home…nothing.
We were sad.
As a child I always dreamed about traveling about,
Meeting people, seeing new places,
Finding the magic out there somewhere…
All grown up now I see,
That I can close my eyes and be
Wherever I long to wish,
Wherever the daydream takes me.
To see beaches and castles
And wonderful places,
And I can write about the magic,
Though not as good as being there.
If I can show you all of my dreams
Through words and pictures,
Then I am truly a lucky soul
As you are with me
On these journeys,
Running away
To that happy place
Somewhere out there.
Oh, and I always carry an opener,
Just in case.

She will go

That is where you will find magic,
She will go there
Somewhere deep within her soul,
Where balloons float on air
And the stars will play
Jacks with the moon ball.
She will be found
Out among the tall grasses
Somewhere below the solitary tree,
Conversing with the universe
That bows before her
Like a queen of magical things
She will go
When the summer wind kisses
The cheek of fall
Who will betray her
With the romance of winter,
She will rise high above
Floating on the twinkling wisps
Of daydreams that float
On the thoughts of a child,
She will go
And she will know the soul
She had left behind so very long ago,
She will go to find yesterday
On a pillow
Eyes closed,
She will dream
And it will be so.

Life’s gifts

Words that grow
From thought and dream
Drifting through the air
Reaching souls in far off corners
Of this small world.
Life’s gifts
Pretty wrapped happiness
Like a precious bundle of flowers
Tied with ribbons
Decorating a table
For a party of friends.
We talk of life
Sipping tea and tasting the bounty
Of Mother Earths fruits,
The creaminess of cheese with bread and jam,
We laugh and cry
Spilling the emotion of our ups and downs,
We come together through these our words
We give simple gifts
Sent from the heart
To know we are not alone in our thoughts,
In our hopes and fears.
We know our belief in dreams
Are tangible things
And that with each morning the sun
Will surely rise
Even if hidden behind the darkest clouds.
The gift of a friend
Of love,
Of family
Of each moment we are blessed
To be here,
Life’s gifts opened and strewn about,
The presents of presence of the soul
that is endless,
That come to each of us
In every breath we take,
In every word we share.


Blood moon
Guide me in the quest
Chasing dawn
Past nights overflowing
With dreams sublime.
Meager light given
Full beauty haven
Hang in the sky
You follow me
Most precious gift
Universe showering the world
With glimpse of splendor,
Orange planet peeled
Sleeping in shadow
My eyes pulled into
The orbit of you

Among the clouds

I walked to the edge
Of a mind open to all
The space before me
Path of clouds.
I stepped to the precipice
And peering over I found
The whole of the universe
Waiting like a friend.
I moved forward
Feet light on the air of cumulus
Each second taking me
To the heights of forever.
I dove into the dream
Of a midnight moment
Wanderlust propelling me
Into the infinite.
I found the world
Of magic and space
Stars and sun embracing
The soul of the traveller
Coming home.

Simple? Questions

Life’s little challenges,
To ask ones self,
Who are you?
When you look into the mirror each morning,
Are you happy with what you see?
What are the dreams you long to live,
To have come true,
What wishes to pursue?
What is the wall
That holds the fear in,
What stops this movement
Towards all you want?
How do you move past
That which doesn’t suit,
Which hinders the progress,
Or when you look there in the looking-glass,
Is it really YOU stopping you from becoming,
From being
From getting out there and doing
And making the dreams reality.
I ask myself these and many more
And then I ask again
And again finding the root cause
Coming to the truth
Coming into knowledge
Of who
Of what
Of where I am going,
Of what is meant to be.

Not my usual fare, but just sharing some thoughts on a challenge I am taking.
Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?



Words like star dust
Floating down
Filling our souls
Invisible goodness
Given as gifts.
She spins her knowledge
Of quotes absorbed
Like water into parched skin,
Oil smooth into dermis
And I feel full
With the shine of healing
With the light of hope
Inspired into being
I have found what it is
To truly be alive.
I am the frequency
Waves sent through
Messages of the mind
Feeling the energy
Of this beautiful world
Of this amazing moment
Here on earth.
Thankful for the gift
Of a kindred friend.

Garage sale pondering

I just don’t get it,
Really it’s true…
Big sign by the road
Garage sale…so many cars
You’d think they were selling cupcakes.
I’ve already got one so I drive on by,
There must really be a market for it
I would think,
Yet they must ask way too much
Or maybe it’s not very nice….
Days later sign gone
Yet….the garage remains.
Now why would so many stop
Yet none ever buy?
Same thing with yards,
Silly signs and crazy drivers,
Rain or shine,
Luscious green grasses
And ornamental gardens,
Yet days later,
Yep, once again the yard is still there.
Maybe I should stop in,
Just to see how high the price?
My yard is tired,
The dogs wreak havoc and I would really like
That lovely rose-bush
Or tulip garden.
But I’ve gotta run,
No time to stop ,
And I know next week the sign will be back again
As will the yard
And the garage.
Guess there’s no takers
Then again I wonder,
How the heck would they carry it home??

The joy of friendship

Words read from another world
Oceans away the voice on paper
Fills the soul with smiles.
To shelter the heart with kindness
And sweeping away the rain with the sun,
The umbrella of love held
To warm the soul with the gift
Of friendship.
The star’s light nights
With the show of universal beauty
Twinkling with the need
For wishes to be spoken aloud,
The thoughts of belief
The mystery of dreams
And the fairies woods alive
With mirth and joy.
The dance of this life
Spinning round
Hands held like children,
Hearts filled with the touch
And kindness of friends.