Life’s gifts

Words that grow
From thought and dream
Drifting through the air
Reaching souls in far off corners
Of this small world.
Life’s gifts
Pretty wrapped happiness
Like a precious bundle of flowers
Tied with ribbons
Decorating a table
For a party of friends.
We talk of life
Sipping tea and tasting the bounty
Of Mother Earths fruits,
The creaminess of cheese with bread and jam,
We laugh and cry
Spilling the emotion of our ups and downs,
We come together through these our words
We give simple gifts
Sent from the heart
To know we are not alone in our thoughts,
In our hopes and fears.
We know our belief in dreams
Are tangible things
And that with each morning the sun
Will surely rise
Even if hidden behind the darkest clouds.
The gift of a friend
Of love,
Of family
Of each moment we are blessed
To be here,
Life’s gifts opened and strewn about,
The presents of presence of the soul
that is endless,
That come to each of us
In every breath we take,
In every word we share.


Blood moon
Guide me in the quest
Chasing dawn
Past nights overflowing
With dreams sublime.
Meager light given
Full beauty haven
Hang in the sky
You follow me
Most precious gift
Universe showering the world
With glimpse of splendor,
Orange planet peeled
Sleeping in shadow
My eyes pulled into
The orbit of you

Among the clouds

I walked to the edge
Of a mind open to all
The space before me
Path of clouds.
I stepped to the precipice
And peering over I found
The whole of the universe
Waiting like a friend.
I moved forward
Feet light on the air of cumulus
Each second taking me
To the heights of forever.
I dove into the dream
Of a midnight moment
Wanderlust propelling me
Into the infinite.
I found the world
Of magic and space
Stars and sun embracing
The soul of the traveller
Coming home.