Growing wild

Cloistered in spaces unseen

gifts in crevices found

the colors of life grow wild in my life.

Rising in strength to become

a hanging cluster of goodness

lingering in shadows

but still hanging on.

I’ve waited for these things,

the beauty of life beneath

an awkward sun burns

to touch pavement beneath tired feet.

Coming days, months, years

awaken in their splendor

to find me waiting with open hands.

Tiny beings like dreams

wait to be plucked from the fertile mind,

and I return to find

the places I’d forgotten

still stand in glory,

the figment of want fulfilled.

This image, if it sticks, is a banana tree in my yard. It has been growing for years, yet never produced. Imagine my surprise to see the wisps of purple flower petals upon the ground…and in the tree, the gift of fruit, finally. I now have four bunches on four different trees. I love bananas, but this bounty is too much. My neighbors will be well fed.

Pursuit of pierogi

New skills enabled
as the motions step by step,
moving through the room with a sway
as music drifts along with the beat,
rhythm of the hands mixing
smooth and silky love
chilling in the box till done.
Pursuit of pierogi
breaths taken in the seconds between
the wait and the do,
surface prepared with care
and the poem fills this space
when the time comes to create
little bits of beauty I pray
and a meal for another day.

Trying my hand today at a new endeavor, cheese, potato and onion filled pierogi. I’ve been told how difficult they can be but I’m up for the challenge. Could be ugly but should be edible, will know tomorrow as ribs on tap for today, football after all. Go team!

Not my pierogi seen here but a previous happy one made by someone at a church. Hope mine smile too😊

Bagel lore

We arm ourselves for battle
sustenance after a cool short walk
braced with fists of metal
smoothing the edges
like a cake master at play
shiver me timbers
and butter me bagels
fine sir.
The smell of freshness fills the air
warmth of ovens
click on and off calling
for their quarry
enter ye smallish tan round orbs
and I shall bake the flatness out of ye,
make big, strapping yeast wheels
to make a blind man see,
aye I will he says with a sneer
breakfast time draws near.
No worry for high winds
nor restless seas
just a high diddle dee dee….
it’s lovies’ bagel time for we.

Next up…..

argh…perhaps just one more bagel. And while yer at it, a slice of that fine homemade key lime pie with Oreo crumb crust…and don’t ferget the whippy cream on top 🙂 Just a bit of whimsy today as I woke to love making his homemade bagels which were grazed upon after our walk and then to top it off with his pie that I didn’t get any of last night due to the work thingy….Yay, life is good.