In search of perfection

I’ve got my lime

I’ve got my mint

I left the last of the ice in it,

I found the rum

stole the hummingbird food too,

went round the world (on-line of course)

in search of the perfect mojito.

I love the green that swims in it

I love the drops from the cold as it sits,

To pluck and chop and stir so sweetly

but it always seems to go down too quick

I’ve got more limes

more than enough time

the sweetest man who whips it up

service with a smile

I think I may just have to sit with it awhile,

savor the flavor beneath the winter sun

and pretend like I’ve just begun,

hey bartender, I’ll take one more

as the Mexican perky music plays

I realize these my friends, are perfect days.

Hubby and I grabbed some mint at the farmers market and some limes, whipped up some sweet syrup and relaxed poolside sipping, then hubby found a new recipe, the best one yet and mixed more up the next day. He’s had the flamingo stir stick for over 25 years, must have known it was a harbinger of things to come, moving to Florida and yummy drinks poolside. Life is good indeed. Ribs on tap for dinner tonight and looking forward to that.

Food haiku (pizza)

Large slice of comfort
elegantly dressed for me
a toast to pizza.

Hot melted cheese runs
chasing hunger to despair
deliver it please.

Round orb of delight
pepperoni and cheese please
get it here pronto.

I am always blessed
this pie that I love the best
happy meal of joy.

Taste buds will quiver
anticipation finds me
tomorrow too, please?


Halloween leftovers….now I know why I bought ’em.

I keep eating them….but for some reason….I think it must be false advertising, still not working no matter how many of ’em I eat. I’ll have to study up on them.

Ha 🙂 just a bit of sugared up humor for your Sunday. Perhaps the KitKat’s shall be next 🙂

Lyrics to my life #4

“A beautiful bunch o’ ripe banana
Daylight come and me wan’ go home
Hide the deadly black tarantula
Daylight come and me wan’ go home”

Harry Belafonte-

100_1831.jpg100_1833.jpg100_1836.jpg100_1835.jpg100_1832.jpgYeah baby, the harvest is upon us. The Poetry Channel has requested banana bread to be sent….54 bananas people, 54…..Wow…..I see smoothies in the future, and banana splits, and does anyone have a pet monkey? A little too hot for baking Michael….heavy bunch too. Next tree won’t be ready to be harvested for about 2 more months or so….I think I may hate bananas by then….but now Harry is singing in my brain and won’t go away…..

A plentiful bounty indeed. We are blessed.

Where’s the cookies?

With excitement and with glee
a sign meant just for me,
with dreams of sugar and cocoa
peanut butter and more so
with macaroons and fruit
and chips and nuts to boot,
the visions filled my mind
as I left the husband behind.
I saw the sign and a metal fence
and a small house just beyond
but could smell no good things on the air
just nature and trees and birds flying there,
no Oreo’s or snickerdoodles of dreams,
no cutouts nor the gingerbread
as disappointment filled my head
where are the cookies that I see
on the sign right there in front of me?
I want some pecans and jelly filled
peanut blossoms like Mom had made
no sweet things here just logs and stone
wait, how can this be a cookie home?
If I’ve got my milk but nothing to dunk
this has now put me in quite a funk
so home to gelato to soothe my heart
and heal my soul
where there’s now a hole
for no cookies in my cupboard there
but I got some nuts
so there!

Thoughts at a park earlier today where I saw a sign that said Cookie house…too much excitement…for a second, then the let down. Sigh….I could go for a cookie about now.



Snack attack….OMG

Okay, I know….I’m at heart such a child and in being one, have a very large fondness for peanut butter and jelly. Remembering the days of youth, pulling the hot sweaty little sandwich out of my wrinkled paper bag, seeing the purple shade coming through where the heavy apple smushed the little sandwich with the crusts cut off. Gummy white bread and PB&J, the smell that filled the cubicle of all the other little kids who had the same, intermingling with the scent of warm bologna and mayo from the other kid who ate the same thing every day. Now I loved PB&J but I couldn’t eat it every day. Now that I’m an all grown up child in adult person form, saw these while perusing the frozen foods aisle of things I don’t eat anymore if possible, processed pasta in white creamy sauces, Sara Lee Pound cake, you get the idea…but I saw this lonely and sad looking little box sitting at the bottom of the shelf of kid’s food stuff in Publix and thought, a-ha….no gummy white bread, just graham crackers, those are healthy right? And it looked to be not a ton of PB&J, but as Goldilocks said…..”Just right”. Into the cart they went as hubby raised his eyebrows in dismay and I with a smile said, at least it isn’t gummy white bread, right? So I made it to check out with my snack in tow, rushed it home and slipped it in the freezer where it belonged. Now I know hubby won’t eat it, not a big PB&J fan that I know of….he was more the bologna kid from school so I get six of these bad boys for myself.

So, a few days later, I feel a bit snacky so I dive into the freezer for one. It says you can eat it frozen or thaw it out and knowing how good a frozen Twinkie tastes (I only know this from childhood….along with frozen hoho’s and we slept in a room in the basement where the “Excess” freezer which was locked lived, and big sister knew where the key was hidden….but no, we never broke in and ate anything in there….really…..wink wink) and so I carefully peeled open the wrapper, kind of like Charlie expecting the golden ticket but folding it back and seeing this thin little snack, felt a little disappointed….until I bit into it. OMG….it’s like crack for adults. If you like PB&J, you’ve got to pick up a box. The outer disclaimer bestowed its fine virtues, see:


Pretty snazzy, huh? Just ignore? the calorie content…270 or so, but if this is my lunch, I suppose I could do worse. But the taste, wow, just the right amount of all the good things. Now if they could make this in S’mores flavor, that would be awesome….except I don’t think a frozen S’more would pack the same appeal cold instead of hot steamy chocolate. If I had to rate it on the five-star system, I would give it four and a half, but this computer doesn’t have emoji’s so I have to settle for simple words. If you like ice cream sandwiches and PB&J, don’t want all the calories/dairy/etc… of an ice-cream sandwich but want to feel like you’re eating one with the amazing flavor and crunch of the graham, well this is your snack. Now get off the couch, put down the Cheezy Poofs and go grab a box before they’re gone….It’s a Grand Slam….unlike my beloved Rays these days…..sigh….besides, what’s more American than PB&J and a winning baseball team? I guess I will have to settle for the PB&J, for now anyway. Happy fourth peeps 🙂

Pizza party Florida grilling

With the demise of our propane regulator and not getting our selected stove in for a week, it becomes grill city for hot food, or microwave magic? Which is limited. So what’s a foodie to do? Pizza party outdoor style of course, just thought you’d enjoy some pics of our dinner from the grill. Margarita and a white clam pizza and with one extra crust, a combo of clam with dashes of homemade red sauce.

Had to skip the fresh mozzarella as it melts all over the stone, grill is over five hundred degrees, outdoor temp around ninety, equals hot, hot hot!

Finished product, thin crust, lighter cheese than you’d get on a take out pie, olive oil, garlic, onion, chopped clams and Italian hard cheese grated blend. Yumminess and enough for several meals in case you wondered….we did not eat it all in one sitting….and last but not least, my hubby being beautifully funny….a pic taken for the guys at work back home….it makes me smile. Welcome to our world, Bon apetit.

The things I lose sleep over…

Well, okay perhaps I don’t really lose sleep over this, as sleep is so very precious and big yellow elbows just make for a quick yummy bad for me lunch. I was talking to hubby the other day as we perused the aisles looking for some staples for the week. The spiral Kraft mac-n-cheese was on special for .89 cents at Save-a-Lot, a bargain when  you think about it. Something we both like and have upon occasion so into the cart it went. (well perhaps two boxes went in..but I’ll never tell) and I cooked it up for a quickie later in the week. Filling two bowls and grabbing my bottle of Heinz (because everyone knows you must have only Heinz ketchup on Kraft mac, but not on Velveeta mac, just the Kraft)images

and was a little dismayed to find the noodles were quite small, as in I felt like I needed a magnifying glass to see the little things. The contents in the bowl were much lower too so I just thought perhaps like anything else these days, honey, they shrunk the Kraft. Fast forward to a few weeks later and being the wise soul I am see the Kraft regular noodle type (the happy smiling elbow one) on sale for 1.25$ buy one get one free. Another bargain this wise shopper thinks to herself and begins to compare packaging. Well the bargain .89 cent was shy of almost two ounces. Holy cow, that’s why I was still starving when I was done….they shrunk it and the portion size. Now I’m all for healthy eating most of the time, see….100_1663.JPGSo just last night hubby grilled up some macadamia nut encrusted sea bass and I made a salad to go with…yummy hmmm? So why am I obsessing over the mac-n-cheese? I think that if you’re going to shrink the contents, you should shrink the box or something. Here people think they’re getting a great deal and really, some child may go hungry because two ounces are missing…AND….it still calls for 4 tablespoons of butter regardless of size. No wonder we’re getting fatter. Another thing that irked me is I was so excited to find a new creamier version, so of course of the two I bought, I got one of each:thick-n-creamy and regular version.100_1664.jpgSo I pop them out of the closet and compare notes (because that’s what inquiring minds do you know) and you know why it’s thick ‘n creamy? Because you add an extra quarter cup milk to the stuff. That’s the only difference…How much did they pay for packaging when on the original they could have put for creamier version, add more milk? I don’t get it….I don’t even add milk to the regular, just a little water for some moisture…Now I have to go buy milk to make the creamy version?…not happening folks, Not. But Kraft mac-n-cheese is always near to my heart with their catchy little sayings and they make you feel like a kid again, go on, have some of your kids portion as you make it, they’ll never know…unless of course it’s the shrunken version in which case they’re gonna starve. Now for the real kicker, they have to entice you with new flavors, see:


and I even came across one that called for merlot, and some now come with Chipotle, Jalapeño, etc….I think they’re trying to give us ulcers while they’re at it. So enough on the Kraft…perhaps I can talk hubby into splurging on another wedge of sea bass….Now that my friends is worth its weight in gold. No shrinkage intended…but Ooohh, it’s so good.

Color my world

Silky smooth slips
Over the soul,
Dressed for the occasion
Set before
Feast for the eyes
The senses
A tempting treat.
What lies in the space
Floor and ceiling
Waiting patiently
Knowing within your thoughts
This is all you need.
Delicate and rich
Subtle hints of flavor
So sweet
Swept away by each
Sensuous savoring,
Seduction by the moistness
Lost within
Sliding down slowly
Enjoyment in your eyes.
The deepest reds
Like a fine Cabernet
Balanced on the tongue
Just deserts for thoughts
Led astray by temptation
To reach for the piece
And hold in your hands
The bounty of man.

Just some thoughts this rainy morning on food and red velvet cake kept toying with me..what did you think this was about? Hmmmm..and of course I must mention the garish red of the Bills jerseys on Thursday….let them eat cake she says, I’ll take the Cabernet, thank you.
Foodie inspiration from my pal Michael over at the poetry channel….now I’m hungry.


A wise sage told me
There’s never enough thyme to
Watch the basil grow.

Lemon grass dries crisp
Thirst quenched with citrus nectar
Summer memories.

Mint of mojito
Glass sweating icy tears wet
Puddles on table.

Honey chipotle
Hot sweetness of love on fire
Your touch seasons me.

Thoughts on a day spent in the kitchen, cheese bread warms on rack, pot roast cooking, wine chilling and friends arrive soon. Peace and blessings for a seasoned day.