Gently we go

Into the memory bank to make a withdrawal,

gently we go into our days remembering

as an image comes to mind,

when things are broken we need to gather

the proper tools of love to fix the pieces.

Holding carefully we examine the thought,

swept through this waking dream we conjure

the invisible lines that separate us from now to then,

retracing the steps through magical realms

and revisiting the sacred spaces of our youth.

We affix the pieces together like a puzzle,

knowing just where to place each one

to complete the image just so,

we smile in our perfect innocence

and turn the page to find

the next adventure.

Why this image brought me forth

from a mid morning daydream of bears and special places,

of doing the best to mend,

and as my finger traces I go back to the days

of reading such sheer magic,

a gift from someone,

but pencil images in hard covered volumes,

fill a mind with wonder

at the simple things

that gave a smile.

Our pup Apple was a bit gimpy yesterday and although we made it through our morning walk this morning, she is having her moments of limping and quite clingy, following me everywhere through the house. I remembered this picture and pulled it up on-line, how I wish I had a magical wand to make her leg return back to her normal marching gait, but for now she will sit beside me in slumber, resting against me as she has her doggie dreams where she chases the varmints like a young girl again. Peace and a lovely Tuesday my friends.

And we fly

We never knew how except in our thoughts,

how to step into that place filled with hope and light,

yet we knew the magic was in there

and oh, how we searched high and low

not sure exactly what it was we were seeking,

just that we knew that somehow it was real.

The happiness and joy of our yesterdays

floating our love like balloons on strings

watching as it tagged along wherever we went

and being dismayed when we found it had escaped.

But the best kind wasn’t tethered,

wasn’t held tightly,

but set free to follow when it was ready,

but even then it didn’t follow

and we looked high and then low

wondering what has happened,

where has it gone?

Then one day we peered into the looking-glass

and find to our surprise,

it was always there, not following

but a part of

a piece of our beings that shone so strong

and we wanted to lock it up lest it hide away again

and as we tried we saw the light dim

for it didn’t want to be hidden

and it didn’t want to be held down and kept like a dog on a leash

and so we uncovered it

we showed it to everyone with each smile we gave

and we shared it with others

because as that happened,

it began to shine even brighter

almost blinding us and that joy,

that laughter and happiness overcame us

and we knew then that as long as we kept doing this,

it would keep rising higher and higher

and it was carrying us along with it

and we flew so high

with no fear anymore of letting go what was our true nature,

for we now knew the magic

and we soared.

awesome image taken by my friend Steve at a balloon fest somewhere in NY ❤

The bliss of Sara

Moonlit skies in forever dreams

Filter in between the seams

Of lovers tales and beauty spun

On hanging moons

Nestled high above.

She calls to fruition the heavens light

And moves in shadows on darkest nights

To find the peace just resting there

And glides on the image in loving care

Under summer skies and spells of this

The perfect image,

Is Saras bliss.

Conjured of a single wish

She sends the strength, the heart, the kiss

To this earthen place she calls her own

Her journey complete

She’s finally home.

An image taken of the moon and its reflection in a magical place, Sara Smith photos her landscape and the love shines through in a quiet magic.

In between thought

“Soon you will see me ’cause I’ll be all around you
But where I come from I can’t tell,
But don’t be alarmed by my fields and my forests
They’re here for only you to share.
Cause here there’s lot of room for doing
The things you’ve always been denied
So look and gather all you want to
There’s no one here to stop you trying.
Watching and waiting
For someone to understand me
I hope it won’t be very long.” Hayward/Thomas

I am here in this place,
in between thought and saving grace
as the sun settles down
upon the remains of the day
and in darkness I become
one with shadows.
I have become this pattern of peace
dappled in shades of night and morning
whisked away on an endless dream
content to know
out there somewhere the star sits
waiting for moon to balance
the edges with light.
I breathe in cooler air
where once there was the fiery heat
now comfortable like a quiet stream
that speaks to me in a memory
but you are here now
and I will join soon
eyes closed and filled with calm,
free of sadness,
free of the bounds of gravity
Flying high in a state of mind

As the time for sleep draws near, I find myself in a very good place, calm, clear, collected and steady in breath….content, yeah, thats the word, content. My mind has been on a jukebox playlist all day, Billie Holiday all the way to playing air guitar in the car to AC/DC! rock and roll aint noise polution…..i think i scared the dude at the red light next to me, but leave off with one of my Moody Blues faves….youtube it if you desire, sing along with me and feel the calm wash over.
peace and blessings my friends,
goodnight, K

Sweetness of life

Her words flow through me like syrup

falling over my soul

sticking to my thoughts in sweet sugar goodness

filling my mind

with joy.

Amber rich movement

slow and steady flow

sliding down to hit their mark

satisfaction topped smile.

Pure and thick I can hear the emotion

as only the lady can say

and I reach out roots into the depths

tapping the beauty of soul

that she is,

pouring her heart to the world

in sweet movements,

drop by precious drop

of love.

How sweet the gift

This life. How it does have its many tendencies to give its gifts, to amaze, to inspire, and this list keeps growing daily. I heard a man ask the other morning as we walked by if we had seen the fox. He stood at the end of his driveway staring from where it was that we had just come from. “Nope, no fox” and we kept moving as he kept staring, expecting perhaps that the fox would come back. Now back where we lived before here, fox were a regular occurrence, and I guess there’s no reason they wouldn’t be down here also. Walking with two unruly leashed hounds I’m sure might have scared it off to god knows where, but I had no desire to get the beasts on the scent of a fox. I didn’t give it much thought after that but then today I saw an image on another friends page. It was whimsical and made me smile. It was brightly colored and a change of pace from his normal and it filled my heart with joy. It brought to mind the fox, which of course with the way my head works, took me into the book of The Little Prince. Now I love this book. I adore this book and always have, ever since I was a child. It made me write, it inspired me, and even today I pulled my copy down to have a quick look-see. It made me think of the people here in my world. How what is essential is invisible to the eye. Each one of you are a piece in my life. Each with a gift, whether you know it or not, you give me a gift each day. I don’t see you per se and have no idea what most of you even look like, but it doesn’t matter, it’s not essential after all.

What is essential that  you create from your souls. You give your gifts to the world and when most needed, we open the mailbox and see words of encouragement, words of love, words of pain and most of all, pieces of yourself. I am thrilled with the new things I find here each day, with how you inspire me, make me sad, make me happy and in general fill the place in my life with so much beauty that words could never describe it. I sit here with my heart so full, so glad that I have you in my life. You have tamed my heart in ways that nothing else could. You are my gift from the universe, so a big shout out to each one of you, my perfect roses, unlike any other. God, so very blessed indeed.

Peace, love and if you’ve never read it, pick up a copy. Written by Antoine de Saint Expery.

Whispers on a wind

Voices come on winds across a sea

Like the soft twinkling bells,

Reassuring on stormy swells

As waters lap away tightened shores,

Harmony smoothes

The tormented soul.

Darkened skies of nights lament

Into the wilderness emotion spent

As eyes grow tired on empty shores

And music fills the chamber of soul.

I watch the skies wash away the light,

Like fading laundry beneath Summer’s heat

That rises onto a blank slate sheet,

Waiting to be carried away.

I think of souls lost in this world,

Feel each word that creeps deep beneath the skin,

And sweeping the dust away,

Clean all over again,

The work is done,

The night has come

And darkness descends into the mind

Ready to be rinsed in the dreams of night

Free of thought,

Emptied of substance

At peace on a feather down

Run aground like a wayward shell,

tossed about in sea foam spray and then

Drifting softly away,

What remains of the day, 

nothing lingering, 

Just a fading memory.

After a beautiful time spent today in the salty ocean water, relaxed, calm, happy and thankful for each one of you reading, each blessing I’ve been given, as the bells sing softly, I bid you peace, love and a heartfelt goodnight. Love to all, Kim

Shining on

Words move through space like rays of the sun, settling in spaces where darkness resides, pushing in to make room for glittering light. Each word that squeezes into the heart and begins to grow into something that leaves us speechless, that bring such joy and beauty leaving only awe in its place. Across miles our minds move, taking up a position, if only to reside and hold the invisible hand, wrapping it in understanding and kindness.

I find most to be like the shiny gold glitter, like the fragments of flaked gold found in Goldschlager…moving about doing their thing, hanging in a weightless space just being, so filled with beauty that you smile at the wonder of it.  You want to pour out the liquid and catch them all in your hands, painting a picture with the fragments of glitter, perhaps a heart with glue on paper, decked out in splendor, created with wonder and love. 

You hold this in your hands and read, do you know that this is about you? How I get so filled with wonder at the little bits of goodness that truly become mountains of magnificence. I read your words, experience a sight of beauty through your photos, smile at the simplest way we are all human and in it all together. Yes, this is about you. A beautiful sun shines beyond my window and I sit here and wonder at who you are, what goes through your mind as you create, wonder what makes you laugh and cry….and I don’t need to wonder why it is that my thought move to there, to thoughts of the beautiful amazing glittering souls that fill my world with joy. My thoughts move to you because you inspire me each day that I wake, I read and wonder at the beings that make my day so much better, so thank you my invisible friends. This is for you. Shine on and be amazing. Peace and love and throwing the glitter to make this world shine!

Sharing the joy

Between the moments of laughter and joy

There lies a land where friends wait

A place filled with hopes and dreams

Where all are welcome

Where you will find a place to belong.

In a world of constant sorrow and pain,

Where darkness haunts the crevices of the mind,

It is here within the circle where you can just sit and be,

Comforted in a hand to hold

A hug to gather you close,

A place where you can be happy.

We wait beneath skies filled with birds that fly high

Like the deepest wish set free to soar,

We spread words like rainbows falling down in colored filters

To give life to a tired world,

We sing of the music that gives rhythm to a heartbeat,

Fast to slow and all in between,

Dancing for pleasure while no one watches,

Moving our arms like butterfly wings

Drifting on a wind

Settling down to embrace the Spring,

Kisses on blooms gathered

And given like a gift

To the ones we love.

Each blessing we have and give,

The more we receive in the end,

So sending to you all my heartfelt joy and love

For a beautiful day

Today and every one after,

Peace and blessings,


A kite life

Soaring high above where only birds tend to meander, aimlessly dipping and turning and moving on a thread and invisible wind, a shark dances playfully upon a cloudless sky. I shelter my eyes from the rays of a sun that bears down as I watch high above, wondering where it will land. Below the sight, swimmers frolick in rolling seas, indifferent of the sight above them and a man holds a child’s hand as they guide the fearsome shark towards the sea. The child looks at his fathers face as a smile from ear to ear playfully fills his little tanned face. A family vacation perhaps, moments spent playing kite instead of video games, and a lesson taught on guiding winds and honest time spent in the presence of a loved one. 

I watch them for a few minutes, leaving with only an image of the kite, not wanting to intrude on a father and son moment with my iPad camera. The kite still hung high above as if circling the swimmers in the sea and I kept hearing the theme from Jaws play on the soundtrack of my mind and I smile within to have seen this view today. I glanced at the beach goers, talking on cell phones or sleeping as their bodies burnt in the noon day sun and felt sad for the real fun they were missing out on. Talking to one another, playing together instead of being lost in a device, society today where everything is hurried or in need of constant entertainment. 

I tried once to fly a kite but with no one to teach me, failed miserably and got it stuck in a tree where it was ripped into pieces on some branches….never tried again much to my disappointment but here in this space and time, I could watch and imagine myself holding the string, dancing that beast on the wind with a smile from ear to ear, pretending to be a kid once again, living a moment of sublime glee. And for a moment I was that child, and the peace and memory will live on long after the shark lands and the sun sets down gently upon a tranquil sea.