What’s news

The newest addition to our family…and part of why I’ve been “preoccupied” lately. World and friends, this is KitKat. She’s part munchkin cat and a year and a half old. We adopted her from the rescue shelter down the street after our beloved Smokey didn’t return after a month. She’s a cutie and a bit shy, although doing nicely at taking swings with her paw at the dogs noses. 

Love her heart on her chest and four polka dots down her back. Hubby picked the name and she’s itty bitty KitKat for sure. 

Snack attack….OMG

Okay, I know….I’m at heart such a child and in being one, have a very large fondness for peanut butter and jelly. Remembering the days of youth, pulling the hot sweaty little sandwich out of my wrinkled paper bag, seeing the purple shade coming through where the heavy apple smushed the little sandwich with the crusts cut off. Gummy white bread and PB&J, the smell that filled the cubicle of all the other little kids who had the same, intermingling with the scent of warm bologna and mayo from the other kid who ate the same thing every day. Now I loved PB&J but I couldn’t eat it every day. Now that I’m an all grown up child in adult person form, saw these while perusing the frozen foods aisle of things I don’t eat anymore if possible, processed pasta in white creamy sauces, Sara Lee Pound cake, you get the idea…but I saw this lonely and sad looking little box sitting at the bottom of the shelf of kid’s food stuff in Publix and thought, a-ha….no gummy white bread, just graham crackers, those are healthy right? And it looked to be not a ton of PB&J, but as Goldilocks said…..”Just right”. Into the cart they went as hubby raised his eyebrows in dismay and I with a smile said, at least it isn’t gummy white bread, right? So I made it to check out with my snack in tow, rushed it home and slipped it in the freezer where it belonged. Now I know hubby won’t eat it, not a big PB&J fan that I know of….he was more the bologna kid from school so I get six of these bad boys for myself.

So, a few days later, I feel a bit snacky so I dive into the freezer for one. It says you can eat it frozen or thaw it out and knowing how good a frozen Twinkie tastes (I only know this from childhood….along with frozen hoho’s and we slept in a room in the basement where the “Excess” freezer which was locked lived, and big sister knew where the key was hidden….but no, we never broke in and ate anything in there….really…..wink wink) and so I carefully peeled open the wrapper, kind of like Charlie expecting the golden ticket but folding it back and seeing this thin little snack, felt a little disappointed….until I bit into it. OMG….it’s like crack for adults. If you like PB&J, you’ve got to pick up a box. The outer disclaimer bestowed its fine virtues, see:


Pretty snazzy, huh? Just ignore? the calorie content…270 or so, but if this is my lunch, I suppose I could do worse. But the taste, wow, just the right amount of all the good things. Now if they could make this in S’mores flavor, that would be awesome….except I don’t think a frozen S’more would pack the same appeal cold instead of hot steamy chocolate. If I had to rate it on the five-star system, I would give it four and a half, but this computer doesn’t have emoji’s so I have to settle for simple words. If you like ice cream sandwiches and PB&J, don’t want all the calories/dairy/etc… of an ice-cream sandwich but want to feel like you’re eating one with the amazing flavor and crunch of the graham, well this is your snack. Now get off the couch, put down the Cheezy Poofs and go grab a box before they’re gone….It’s a Grand Slam….unlike my beloved Rays these days…..sigh….besides, what’s more American than PB&J and a winning baseball team? I guess I will have to settle for the PB&J, for now anyway. Happy fourth peeps 🙂

We shall

Under summer star filled skies

In a place where wishes are spent

In abundance

For they fall at our feet

And we just laugh and laugh

For the lightness of everything

Asks for nothing more

Except this,

This very moment beneath the dipper

And the moon that sits waiting

To hear our whispered dreams.

We will sit here when we grow old

Yet we will remain young

For that is where our thoughts dwell

In the playground

Swinging back and forth

Kicking higer into the clouds

That make the ceiling of this happy house

And the sun will smile at us,

At the joy we spill like lemonade

Shiny yellow sweetness

And I will look at you then

As I do now,

With so much love

The universe could never contain.

We shall be there

Living our moments

Reaching for our dreams

And we shall laugh and dance,

For that is all that will matter

At the end of our days,

That we did it all together

That love is all.