In a place

We were there,
in that magical place where color finds
sensibilities at peace,
eager and open to gather in,
the magic of each moment
like a word that invokes memories
and a scent that draws us closer
to yesterdays once more.
I dreamt of charms,
blues and pinks and greens
the color of happy,
the essence of childhood
searching through the depths of the mundane
knowing within there lay a prize,
and in my eagerness I think I must have laughed aloud,
drawing attention to the shy self,
never making waves,
but somewhere within knowing
there were rainbows and stars,
hearts and moons just for me
all the things I had searched for-
not so very far for I knew not
what lay behind the large wooden door,
beyond the keep of the home
but that box,
oh, that box with the smiling child-man,
that’s what mattered then….
to have them all,
gathering the charms in my circle
counted and hoarded like an ancient soul
to share or keep,
just the undying desire
to never stop searching
for that colorful magic
that waited at my fingertips…..
how did I not make the connection
that really,
thats what life was all about.
Still looking,
always looking.
Thoughts on lingering thoughts of life….and Lucky Charms marshmallows….

With wild abandon

Living this life in the moment

running with the rushing wind

it embraces me like a satin sheet of goodness

with wild abandon

I want to be this face

smiling at the world,

just being in this happy moment.

I download my juju’s

colorful candies just because it’s what I do,

can’t eat the make-believe but I can collect

the bright bouncing images

that make me smile

and I don’t know why

like a game I often have no time to play,

I keep gathering the glittering jewels

for someday soon.

I want to have that shining eyed look,

feeling the muscles as they twitch and burn

and the body feeling so very alive

as the feet touch earth

even when the mind

is high above in the clouds

floating on a drifting wind of bliss.

I watch the clock

things to do in short order

like a cook that ran out of eggs

before the last omelet made,

time to get creative and squeeze just a bit more

of life from these fingers

that one now feels tingly,

is it perhaps it is excited too

by the prospect of the day ahead,

just like any other day-

nothing special but still special

in a what’s gonna happen today mood.

Contradictions of life when we flip the view

and the circus dies away

and elephants roam in a state of retirement

away from the lights and stage,

do they miss those moments of a child’s smile

to see their immense selves,

the magic that through time has drifted away

to less tangible things

like pretty speckled jujus collected

that someday won’t really matter,

do the elephants now feel their feet on grassy ground

roaming happy with this look

of a dog running down a beach,

being free

being somewhere within at peace

like me.

This morning I pulled out my iPad game, downloading my colorful candies-my challenge not to miss a day or you start back at day one, and I laughed at myself because really, I don’t know why I do it, perhaps the constant repetition of habit that I set for myself. Who knows, just downloading my juju’s as I like to call them. And this picture, this face found on the internet just makes me smile-I won a penguin badge today on my new fitbit, says I’ve walked 70 miles and I think to myself wow, me? Collecting badges and things again, but it made me smile.

Reading in the paper today about the circus, took my mind to the idea of the elephants now in retirement somewhere here in Florida, and I haven’t been to the circus since I was a child but I remember the elephants, I hope they have the look of this dog, just smiling and being, perhaps going through their routine of collecting food jujus and swimming, rolling about in happiness and feeling the grass through their toes. Quite a disjointed poem today I know, but hey, it’s what came out so I let it roll.

And I’m still smiling….time to get ready for work….gotta make the soup today (3 cans in a crockpot) should be an easy day, guess I won’t be packing on many more miles before I sleep. Happy Sunday my friends, find that happy space somewhere within, or in the outer perimeters and be at peace. Blessings and love, K of the happy face 🙂

Life force


In this place of calm waters
And rivers that meander
Like thoughts on a sultry Southern night
she will bring in close and gather
the rhythm of a moment of a heartbeat
feeling the flow move through
on an endless trip to anywhere
as the mind breathes a smile
the feeling of release
as the sun slips into its position
making room for the lunar rise
into this time
of now.
Silver essence, a broken ghost
hanging on threads like broken stones
high above her reach,
a lyric of a soul calling
worn through endless time
awakened in the birth of who she has become
alive in the knowledge
the feeling of power,
of self.
She rises here in peace,
in the carefree silence of a waking evening
in the dark room balanced
for there is nothing to see to change
perception from within
with eyes wide closed she moves
into the song of an eternal dream the lives
that breathes,
that has given her the motion of a thhousand stars
as they sing beyond clouds unseen,
she hears her birthright
and holds out her hands in prayer,
accepting the task of enlightenment
she stands aware
of that which she cannot see,
that which she is completely aware
in her minds eye
she has become one step closer
to being whole.

Sometimes it is

The little things that glean a smile
a word, a song, a memory
something it seems to always be
that leaves the feeling of laughter there
of special things in life
that make it all worthwhile.
To see you in a memory
to walk as the sun rises behind a cloud
to hear the ocean whisper love
to taste the wonder
created with care
to find a friend still waiting there.
The little things and big ones too
the moments spent here with all of you
like a birthday cake with candles lit
or a canolli for the heck of it,
’cause life my friends is beautiful
iced with the moments made up of each day
the minutes, the seconds that won’t return
and the thought that we can sit and be awhile
and sleep at night with the quiet smile
that we lived it well and wasted no time
and then tomorrow we get to do it again.
The wonders of the beauty we find
and the hope for the young who strive for more,
the gold and silver and bronze is won
and for me a bit of pastry fine
and I will share a bite or two with you
as we sit here in this quiet room
reflecting on the sweetness found
like olympic smiles and mastered art
moments that are etched in time
with just rewards and sweet dessert
leaves wanting more once it’s over and done
but here and now we smile and nod
at a perfectly well done job.

Thinking of sweet things after my dentist appointment and how this world works in crazy ways. Hit a button after I was done writing this and this recipe went crazy and pasted itself five times….guess it wants you to try it. Almost as good as a canolli, which after my dentist appointment was all I craved, not sure why. So a poem, a bit of Olympic thought thrown in for good measure because those gymnasts girls rock and got me all teary eyed and because my computer demands it, a tasty recipe. Fun is the moments in life….now off to listen to some grooves. Peace and good will my friends, happy Thursday.

small seedless watermelon diced
1 yellow pepper diced
1 green pepper diced
1 red pepper diced
1 small red onion diced
1 bunch of cilantro chopped fine
Juice on 1 lime
Jalapeños chopped to taste
Tortilla chips to dip!

She shone in glitter

I never like my smile. It’s not a bad smile, it’s just not one of those award-winning ones that you see everyone else possess. But I have been coming to conclusions recently, taking time to do what is necessary for me, time to ponder the deeper things in life that matter. This image was taken on our anniversary coming out of the restaurant where we had our wedding dinner. It was snowing, which for Western New York in February is not a rare occurrence at all and now that I live where it seems to be hot and sunny every day, I know that images like these will now also be a rare occurrence. I had my picture taken today sitting next to Santa Claus.


The town I reside in was doing a Christmas in July thing today and tomorrow and I found him sans red shirt cooling down holding his bucket of candy canes (and showing his tattoos…who knew?). I smiled and had so much fun just talking with these “transplants” from Wisconsin (Santa and Mrs C) and I felt wonderful just being amongst these people, not caring if I took a good pic or not. Hubby took the pic of course as I’m obviously not a fan of selfies…When we got home I perused the images on the card and downloaded a few and thought, what the hell, why not. I like this picture. It is a reminder of happy days, not that I don’t have a lot of happy days but to see my smile, well, it made me smile. I felt glittery there, almost and if not as good as I felt today. Why the change? I think it’s perspective. To stop caring what others may think, to start doing what I choose to do and not what is expected. I feel as if lately a load has been lifted off of me and it feels amazing. Oh, and I was a mermaid too today.


Darn, that was just too fun. Now you won’t catch me posting these on FB as I refuse to be one of “those” people, but here at WP where my friends are just so caring and loving, I thought I would present myself to you. (Get it, present? Christmas in July) okay, enough. I think what I really want to say is I don’t want to go out of this world ever worrying about what I should have done, what I would do differently. So damn people, I choose to be a mermaid, a Christmas kid at heart and a girl who shines like glitter. And I’m not sorry…perhaps a poem tomorrow but for today, lots of me, me wonderful me….God I’m having fun. Join me, won’t you? Let’s see your happy post of your award-winning smiles and fun caught on film. Trust me, you won’t be sorry (at least I hope not) plus you know I’m gonna like it of course. Because you are beautiful! Yeah, lets spread more of that now okay? Post a link in the comments with your favorite selfie….I dare you, I double dog dare you! I’ll be waiting.

Where’s the cookies?

With excitement and with glee
a sign meant just for me,
with dreams of sugar and cocoa
peanut butter and more so
with macaroons and fruit
and chips and nuts to boot,
the visions filled my mind
as I left the husband behind.
I saw the sign and a metal fence
and a small house just beyond
but could smell no good things on the air
just nature and trees and birds flying there,
no Oreo’s or snickerdoodles of dreams,
no cutouts nor the gingerbread
as disappointment filled my head
where are the cookies that I see
on the sign right there in front of me?
I want some pecans and jelly filled
peanut blossoms like Mom had made
no sweet things here just logs and stone
wait, how can this be a cookie home?
If I’ve got my milk but nothing to dunk
this has now put me in quite a funk
so home to gelato to soothe my heart
and heal my soul
where there’s now a hole
for no cookies in my cupboard there
but I got some nuts
so there!

Thoughts at a park earlier today where I saw a sign that said Cookie house…too much excitement…for a second, then the let down. Sigh….I could go for a cookie about now.




Whose child is this,

perhaps a mermaid gift from the depths

on this tranquil shore tossed forward,

with a quiet smile she moves easily,

effortlessly across the waves

alone and bobbing around

as the sun quietly settles down upon her shoulders

locked in her own world

aware of only herself and the sea.

A beautiful moment to behold,

I reflect back to years gone by,

when I too was in the center of the wave

moving, rocking like a dolphin carefree

before life-like waves came in to crash down

covering the now aware self

into something other than the bliss of the here and now,

changing the innocence of play

into the fight for a place to fit in,

a mer-child forgetting for a while how to swim,

how to be carefree

how all that mattered was just love and peace

as the tides move in and out

I had forgotten how to float.

This child is me,

and I am her,

united in our worlds unknown to each other

yet together in spirit

free and moving

towards the beginning of night

touched like the sun resting lightly down in to the sea

together in spirit

of this beautiful life.

I know not who the child is, having watched her play alone with such abandon and joy down at the Venice Jetty, had to capture it to share. A beautiful child of peace and happiness.


Well do ya?

With weight loss we find old shorts fall down

don’t want to be out looking like a clown

in baggy pants ’cause now there’s no ass

now what’s a girl to do?

I found a pair at a local store

and tried them on two sizes less than norm

and waited for the magic in the mirror

to find a new butt in back of there.

But I was sad to find it wasn’t to be

there’s still no ass to show off for me

’cause once it’s gone it ain’t coming back

but at least I’m no longer showing off the crack.

Perhaps I should eat some peanut butter

or an entire container of fluffnutter

or a stick or two of Land O’Lakes

cause butter would make my butt look better.

Too many B’s for this girl to take

I’m sorry for this humor I make

I’m just jealous of those who have great curves

as I stand here with my flapjack tush

waiting for the better butt to be found

sorry folks, It’s still not round.

Just a little Wednesday hump day humor and thought I’d show off all I’m gonna show off of my new shorts. They were the only ones I could find in pine (olive color) as the other ones are falling off of me and covered with paint. Thanks for enjoying, and sorry I said the A word. Peace and desperately searching for it still.


But the eyes are blind…

And so it goes round again to the Little Prince book. Yesterday was a rain event down here in Florida (which if you watch the weather/news you’d know who Colin was) and being pretty much shuttered in, somewhere between bursts of rain and cool breezes, life gave me time to ponder more than I normally would…which is too much if you ask me, but I did it regardless. I could have gotten a lot of writing done but perhaps it was the barometric pressure of the system upon us, I just needed to take a bit of a step back and ponder. Now I’m sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what it was I was pondering, right? Okay, so I will let you know. Blessings. Lots and lots of blessings and the perspectives around said blessings.

So above in the picture you see the bottom of the pool. I wasn’t trying to capture the image of the bottom, but trying for the million little drops of water that were falling pretty much non-stop. I took quite a few pictures yesterday and it was only after I sat back and took a look at them, did my perspective change. Sometimes we’re trying to get whats on the surface, yet if we look deeper, the answers may just be there, big things, those answers are, shouting out “Hey, look at me. I’m here, can you see me now?”. So in this picture I see a few drops but below, what is only half of an emblem, looks like a rising sun. It will pass. This rain, this storm, everything…it will pass. I tend to get down on myself for not doing what it is I should be doing, what feels right doing, etc….I need to give myself a break. I kept encountering angel numbers again yesterday, all week as a matter of fact, 111 primarily and 444. Google Doreen Virtues answers on what the angel numbers mean, any that you see repetitively, and see if it doesn’t have some measure of truth. Anyway, kept encountering those two numbers, and it was only when I stopped and paid close mind, realize there was a message there, a message I had been ignoring for the last few days. Manifesting…I do it quite often and I think I began to take it for granted. So hence the pondering and letting the messages talk to me yesterday. It left me feeling calm today upon waking and even though I feel tired, I know there is so much more I want to get out of today. Another image that threw me off is this one:


What seems to be a cross upon the pool, again trying to take pictures of the little drops and ripples gave me a cross. This cross is the beams to the metal lanai, not all of the beams  showed up in the water, just this one. More reminders that I’m not in this storm alone and the Good Lord has my back, as always. Another image from the floor of the lanai:


At some point we reach a fork in the road, if I’m the little metal button at the top, I know I’m going to get there soon….past the rough patches, a few smooth spots but it will come, I just need to trust in myself to choose the right one. All of this, just from a few pictures taken during a rain storm. I never know why I take these, all I know is that afterwards, I glean some insight from what I have. Reasons and purposes via Kodak. The rest of the “But the eyes are blind” quote is “One must look with the heart”, I believe sometimes one must look within and also with the heart and then the scenery will give you answers you didn’t know you were asking for. That’s how this life works….pretty F*ing amazing (Right Elizabeth?) and you thought I was going to say it….nope….I only say that when I see this:


After realizing the cat has now found a way to the top of my closet, and of course lies on my clothing…that had been free of cat hair….I think I’ve disturbed her catnap…but she did leave a deceased mouse(perhaps he drowned and she was performing cat to mouse resuscitation) on the back cement patio so I guess she can stay there….for now. I will post more later today with any luck and will leave you with our not so angelic number dweller.


I think I shall call him Herman. Although he has many siblings, so perhaps they will all be Hermans. The number hermit.

Peace and blessings and watch, there’s always a sign… K

Already there 

There is a place in the memories bank

Where dreams are saved like spare change found

On broken days,

Where skies meet water meets land

And I close my eyes and drift away again

To a Monday morning daydream

As I lie in a peace filled bed

Rich like clouds

I’m falling in.

There is a place where bliss lives quietly

And the only sound is water

Washing softly against my toes

As I walk a mile untethered by the buoy of life

Navigating around the bend

To find endless beach again.

I’m already there as these words fall like the rays 

Of warm summer sun

Upon my thoughts scattered like treasure

Swept up and put away

Into the bank of life

To be respent again


I found this image on the Internet and it was almost as if I stared at it long enough, I was there in the magical looking place, so I thought I’d take you all along on my daydream. Welcome, enjoy the water, it’s beautiful.