Forever captured
Like fireflies in jars
And summer sun memories,
Fires by the water
And star filled skies at night.
Held dear within
Like puppy dog kisses
The smell of sheets dried on the line,
The first kiss so very long ago
And the feelings it forever stirred.
Ocean waves and lunar eclipse
Out on the water
Dancing after midnight,
Long past bedtime back then….
New places,
New faces
And those that are now long gone,
Treasures of the heart
Leaving smiles and memories
In their wake,
Late night talks just because
To hear your voice gave such joy,
Candles lit and Christmas trees
Tears and toasts,
Hellos but never goodbyes
Just so long for now
Friends and lovers
The universe delivers
It’s gestures like gifts,
Held close to the heart
And you are always wondering
Is it you I write of or something else,
Laughingly no, this isn’t about bread,
Or about silly things instead,
Just for you
Just because
I don’t want you to wonder
If you rate like chopped liver,
This ones for you babe
Somewhere out there
Beneath the autumn sun
Hopefully dreaming
Of me too.
Always treasured
Always loved
And even better than Swiss cheese I might add.

Thoughts on my loving husband who reads my words and often wonders, what the hell is she talking about…this ones for you my dear.
I think sweetest day is coming soon…this is your card….saving money again…

Attitude adjustment…calling in sick (hump day hubby prompt)

Ok, it’s that day again and the latest and greatest request from the hubby was a blog about calling in sick to work. Now where I work,we call that an attitude adjustment day. You know the ones when you’ve just had enough and need a day off to sleep in, pamper,whatever you need to do. And this can be said for blowing off school too, same principal but you get the idea. And don’t forget if you want to play along, you can choose the topic or one of your own and share a link in the comments to your blog post. Tag it with hump day hubby prompt too if you want to be found that way.

Attitude adjustment day
Alarm goes off
Don’t wanna move,
Hate my job
Or just plain tired
Here are some do’s and don’t excuses when calling in or emailing in sick to work or school:

I can’t come to work today, I need a Plummer for jammed pipes (not that the boss would notice the plum/jam reference) to come and clean ’em out. I got a chuckle out of it.

I can’t come in because I hate my job and need to readjust my attitude to become a better worker for you…not gonna fly….

I can’t come to school today because the dog ate my literature book. Apparently when readying the cover he must have thought it said litter turd (kitty box reference)so he ate it and now I have to go buy a new one because I didn’t study because the dog ate it and I need to study so that’s why I won’t be in…..duh…..

I can’t make it in to work today because my car won’t start. (It won’t start because I am out of gas because I don’t make enough money to fill it,) but I should be in tomorrow …..ok….hmmmmmm

I won’t be in to work today as I have to drive my mom to the airport so she can go on her paradise trip…..(except mom died five years ago and is already there…guess they forgot to mention that little tidbit)

I can’t come to work today as I had a chimney fire last night and have to see the insurance adjuster (except for the fact they live on the 10th floor of an apartment complex with no actual fireplaces) yep….ok

I can’t come to work today as my aunt/uncle passed away….forgets that it’s a small town and everyone knows his mom is an only child…..

I cannot come to work today as I think I have food poisoning….am going back to bed to try to sleep it off….yet all day posts selfies on Facebook, advances in candy crush saga or posts blogs all day (forgetting the boss is a follower) bet that didn’t get a like from him…..

I am calling off work today, am under the weather….but later spotted out at a nice restaurant , movie theater,shopping at the mall….big no no,,,,,

Best one so far, I am calling off sick as I have sun poisoning. I should be in tomorrow I hope. Have to go see the doctor, a lot of pain……
Comes in to work the next day….yep, still looks like Casper the friendly ghost.
Yeah now, about that blistering skin…..was your butt out waving in the sun? Yeah, that must be where it’s at.

But whatever you do, don’t call in dead….when you show up the next day, it may give some old codgers a heart attack and that’s not a good thing for a smooth operation in the workplace.

Dog ears-hump day hubby prompt (in two parts)

Upright happy
Down for sad
But you’ve been so good
So why are they laying back?
Hmmm I think I’ll go look
And what do I find?
Empty milk-bone box recycled
By your little teeth,
Pieces like jigsaw all over the floor,
I guess a little fiber won’t hurt
I hope.
What, no presents,
typical presents?
No soapy water needed?
Ah, an easy day for me.
Just bits of paper chewed?
Ah no big deal
As the ears go up
The ears go down
I pat your head
Kisses galore,
Let’s go out to play!!!!
Ears fly as you spin around
And round
Yes, that is happy I must say.
Thoughts on one style of dog ear.

Part two
Words that touched me
I must remember this passage
And this one too,
So many inspiring words
By the pen of a writer
Bound for my eyes
To see
To take in
What might this mean,
Dog ear the page
Then another too.
My library stocked
With books now resembling
Underlining just isn’t enough
To mark my trail
Back to what
Spoke deepest to my heart.

A story with new words-hump day hubby prompt

This hump day hubby prompt most likely will not come close to my
Normal writing but the hubs picked a PITA of a prompt today,
150 new words for 2014 were added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary and he told me to do a prompt on some of them.
So today folks I’m going to spin a little story using some of them.
The words in capitals will be the new words.

there was a strange genius dude name M.Webster. He was one of those overachiever types,
You know the ones I mean…always worried about money and the like and where he could make
More money next. He grew up a small lad in Upper peninsula of Michigan and was known by the locals as a YOOPER. He knew when he grew up he was gonna be rich. He studied everything he could, made a mint in BIG DATA, loved to SOCIAL NETWORK and was a perfect TWEEPER. He schmoozed the big cats, making lots of money for CROWD FUNDING and he did a lot of pushing around the country to promote FRACKING. After awhile though he became bored with the whole thing, thinking there must certainly be more to life than this. He was a broken man and one night decided to throw it all away and get back to basics.
As a boy he had loved reading about mechanical things and decided to write a novel of STEAMPUNK.
Yes, that is what he would do. But after a year or so he gave up this dream when all of his letters for publication were rejected. Maybe this isn’t right either, he thought, maybe I need to go back further. He sold his mansion and banked the money and packed just a few belongings and bought a small house in Georgia. The neighbors were a strange lot he thought when they first came over to welcome him. They called themselves FREEGANS and did a lot of dumpster diving for food, furniture, you name it.
He thought to himself this isn’t for me, but when he saw them together, life so easy and free and they were happy. It wasn’t about the material goods, it was that the waste of men was often another mans treasure. He could find things and paint them and make use, saving landfills and being a good steward to the earth. He went off the grid and tried it himself. He looked in the mirror and laughed at how far he had come. From SELFIES with exotic women and a HASHTAG of #GODSGIFT1, his CATFISH days long behind him he thought of his future. The weather was getting colder and he slipped in behind the famous lady’s restaurant hoping to score a piece of intact TURDUCKEN but the dumpster was empty. Down the street in restaurant row he did find some remains of POUTINE
And a small take out container of cold PHO. It is enough he thought with a grateful smile, after all, what to some would be waste, was his gift of sustenance. He would eat tonight and be grateful.

Mojito-hump day hubby prompt

Drops slide smoothly
Down the side of the glass
Cool mint muddled
Rocking slowly
Trapped between ice
A lime smile floating
Like a small boat
Sugar nectar on the tip of the tongue
Green minty cool
Afternoon paradise
In tall glasses.

For today, the hubby has chosen the theme of Mojitos, one of our favorite refreshing drinks
To have under the sun and palms, or at home too:)
And they were very good too.

hump day hubby prompt-birthday wishes

So the hump day hubby prompt for today is birthday wishes.
Hubby’s birthday is Saturday and we will be in the sky
Heading for sand and beaches and he gives the prompts so here goes.

I asked the birthday fairy
What to get this year,
She picked out a special card showed it to him
Then promptly put it back
As the birthday fairy is wise and says why spend five bucks
For paper because the words in my heart are priceless indeed
So you can read this here and know of birthday wishes for you.
Now birthday fairy, what to give as a present?
Fairy says practical, a ladder that will safely carry you
On your quest for the endless honey do list,
22 feet is as high as you can go
And your life, like the ladder extends
As you won’t fall off the old crappy one.
Well gee I tell fairy, is that enough
For my hot man?
From his gorgeous wife?
I will have to think says the fairy….what about canned goods, he is a foodie after all,
What about something no one has probably ever eaten before?
Well no I think, that will not do at all,
But he likes surprises and I always tell him that quote they say about payback and all,
So we shall see what life brings, besides, it’s not his birthday yet
Maybe I will squish some sand between his toes or a wedgie in the ocean, I think that sounds like more fun…we shall see I think, pondering….
Hmmmm what is a good gift to the best man in the world?

Um, no, wrong kind of presents I think….
Ah yes, that’s the ticket…..relaxation with flip flops(the beach boys called them thongs you know), sunglasses and a nut.

Happy early birthday lovie, here is your card,
Saved five bucks…always a plus.

Goodnight moon (NaPoWriMo)

Today the last day of,the challenge I thought I would hook it up with the hump day hubby prompt. The theme is write a poem about goodbyes and the hubby prompt was moon flowers so here you go my friends.

Little star
Slowly unwinding
Under moonlit skies
Short time
Beauty unfurled
Hello and with morning
Comes goodbye.
little moon flower
Your beauty
Finest pastels
Pinks and blues
Whites like the shining
Lights high above
You open to the moon
Showing your splendor.

Your crowning moment
Open you arms to the night
Waving hello
Then in dawns early light
Curling and drop in a bow
Goodbye for now.

Hump day hubby prompt “it’s not your mamas cookin’ “

hubby gave me the prompt last night and as I posted today’s prompt will be….
Try it he says
As I roll my eyes
Where he can’t see
But really he does…
Don’t worry girl,
This ain’t your mamas cooking…
No dried out
Long suffering
Pan of brick,
No, I’m going to make it so special
You’ll beg for more.
He squishes it in a big bowl
Chunks of pink and veggies
And oooh, I see cheese…
Now it’s getting good.
He lumps them in a pan
And takes them out
To the Weber they go,
Smoking he says
Is the way to go.
With an evil glint in his eyes
(The singer Meatloaf…hubs doesn’t like his pic taken)
The smoke she is a raising so high
And later the smells
Oh gosh tell me it ain’t so,
We sup on the loaf
And I must admit,
This is NOT my mamas cooking
But don’t tell her I said that.
Besides, last week she called for advice,
Not from me…..but from the hubs
On how to make the perfect ribs,
And she said later they were her best ever.

meatloaf above not hubby’s, his looked even better but too big to download.
Sorry honey, guess your meat is too large for WordPress…..

official hump day hubby prompt

So the hubs was so excited to get such a warm glowing reception
On his hubby prompt a few weeks ago and it is nice
As he doesn’t blog but follows me…that’s what hubbies do, right? So I told him every Tuesday night I will let him give me a prompt for Wednesday,
Hey, half way through the drudgery of another crappy…oops did I say
That out loud? Day at work, I will let him throw out a prompt (in his case most likely food)
As he is the master cook around here ( I am the expert dishwasher, or if lazy, use the
Master in waiting dishwasher) that would be the plug in cascade variety by the way for
Those who thought I had an extra man laying around to wait on me…
So if anyone wants to play along, give me some guidance but I would assume tag it or categorize it as
Hump day hubby prompt and play….and you don’t need a hubby to play along, ask a friend, ask your chum, ask the neighbor too. The prompt will come out Tuesday night to give you
Time to think of it. Can be a story, poem, or a deep childhood memory of home cooked meals or any meatloaf (singer too)…recipes work too if it is a foodie prompt….
Open forum…….without further ado….
the first hump day prompt will be….


I will write mine tomorrow and we can play the care and share prompt game if you wish,
Just thought I’d give you fair warning in case you see an unusual prompt a’la hubs 2morrow.
Peace and hope to see you tomorrow in a food state of mind….or whatever meatloaf means to you. Have fun and see you tomorrow. Hmmmmm brain cells are already humming….