For the love

We took our time

slow and steady over the low warmth of life

stirring again and again

watching as we thickened into something

soft and smooth and beautiful.

We grew above us a barrier

thick yet velvet to the touch

knowing below there was so much more,

carefully peeling back the layer

to allow the scent and texture

of love to move slow and steady

diving into the ecstasy of life

we found ourselves in the thick of love,

blissfully aware of each bite,

sighing as we knew the end would follow at some point,

so we took time

moving slower and slower

savoring each little bit

scraping the edges for remnants

never wanting it to end.

Thoughts of life and the pudding I loved as a child. Cooked slowly and once done, would develop this thick beautifully smooth to the touch skin. Sometimes we would take off the skins as it cooled so that it would recreate new to replace what was gone and then we would dive into the delightful concoction. I kept seeing life like that pudding, and love. I suppose anything can be metaphorically linked to good things we remember….for me today, chocolate pudding. Don’t ask me why, it just wouldn’t leave my thoughts so I guess I had to share some with you. Enjoy each bit my friends…I think I need to go make some pudding later….mmmmmm ❤ Perhaps with some whipped cream too, just because.


A drop of sweetness

I dreamt of beauty,

beauty inspired by the touch of your lips ,

lips so soft upon mine as I lay waiting,

waiting and watching the dream unfold,

unfolding like a new bloom on the rose.

I flew through skies the color of purple

purple setting sun echoes rippling on meadows.

The rain fell upon us as the sun switched course,

coursing through my veins the blood so hot-

hot enough to cast moisture on my sleeping form,

formless we became one.

One moment of a thousand dreams,

dreams that leave me wondering where is the memory

memory that slips away like a drifting fog

fog of emptiness dissipates when gone away,

away from the edge of my thought-

thoughts that lent beauty and magic to the night,

night that slips beyond back into day-

daydreams that read like a sonnet or poem-

poems of splendor and passion-

passion like the purple of a rose unfolding,

unfolding like your arms as they pull me close.

Goodness of a special day

Moments in life go rushing past, beauty around us through loving life. We see the gentleness of a Spring day in each flower that greets us in our passing, we live in the chorus of a song of a hundred birds. Waking up to greet the new day, blessed in our health, our lives, and our being, we acknowledge each gift that has been given.

Words from a kind soul, voices across a thousand miles filled with love, the sound of the windchimes as the day passes into dusk-so soothing on the wind, a song of beauty, a hymn of love. These moments speak to us in waves, high and low tides moving each second, the rhythm of our breathing as we meander along deserted roads, seeing the sun as she rises as if to greet us. Everyday has been a gift, but none more so than today. The gift of your life as you came to be here, and although grown now into a beautiful man, I am indeed thankful for each moment we have together, every bit of laughter, every sweet word spoken in love.

You are the greatest gift to my heart and I am so very blessed to have you in my life. Today and forever, I love you. Happy Birthday to my amazing husband Jeff. 

Here’s to a ten thousand or more days of joy and love, as I paddle you forwards and backwards in this marriage canoe, beneath a beautiful sun that marks each day that I fall more in love with you. 

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUU🎂🌴☀️

Image taken at the Erie County Fair last year in the Indian village… times indeed.