Missing presence

Between the colors of a hint of you
Present in the moment as thoughts turn to words
unspoken and remembered between the pages of our days
mysteries of tomorrow
of a quiet yesterday.
Dreams move past like trains at night
whistles empty and a ghostly rumble
moving in the darkness
here then gone,
solitary light to mark the end
as it moves farther from view.
Then only silence lays in the place
where strangers unmet passed from this place
as we watch and wait for a new day
beside the track that lies empty, waiting.
The wind begins to pick up speed
as the moon sits silent and cold above
and we wander the night
in search of a light
wondering where it has gone,
the muse of a conductor barreling through
pull the cord and let his presence be felt
in the solitary wail of a train
passing through unnoticed
except by a few
who needed to feel the rush of movement
as the earth moved below feet
and sound rushed by
heading onward to the next crossing.
In that moment of peace and silence
caught somewhere between
the dreams of a morning yet awakening
I thoughht I heard his laugh
carried on the breeze
as he slipped away like a storm
out on the wind
always moving.

In the light of a universe

I stood there cloaked in the light of a thousand stars,

glittering like rain that won’t fall

suspended above this questioning soul.

I reached up as if I,

a mere mortal,

could touch one,

as if I could reach so far to the heavens,

and the cool emptiness of my hands left me sad

although I understood,

the hollowness that sat within

like the weight of a hundred years

and I asked my questions to the silence

and only the echo

of a distant dog was heard in reply.

Such a solitary place it is within a star,

so far away and so many wishes

yet unable to answer

except in falling,

always so rare.

Pale glitter painted sky of my dreams,

touched by the brush of such a gifted hand

and as I sit here quietly watching

each day that plays out

I bless the clouds for keeping their distance

when I needed to see,

to feel so very deeply

this beautiful piece hung for my pleasure.


Muse of the garden

She comes to me in this place of peace and solitude, a fish out of water perhaps, or just an accidental tourist searching for beauty. We wander through landscapes filled with magic, and I feel her eyes upon me as we move through corridors of color.

Perhaps she is a kindred spirit lost and found, shy of the surroundings and banked in her thoughts of oceans blue and colored fish that swim silently by. Her world is fluid and moving, a far cry from this garden that took so much work by so many hands. Each stem of green winding its way towards the sky, burdened by the weight of the blooms as they unfold, and yet here she hangs by silently watching as it all transpires around her, here is where she has been planted, so far from her restless sea.

I long to place a shell at her feet. To tell her all I’ve seen of her home, that I too know how it feels to be so far from the known, transported to a foreign land that is so beguiling and beautiful, that my feet have walked upon her homes sandy shores and of the views I became a part of as I swam above the waves while peering down below. The muse of the garden, silently watching and waiting for a sign, swimming in flowers, drowning above dirt.

Perhaps someday she will return, for now so far beyond the sea the siren has no song to sing for me, but perhaps on nights when the moon is full she will remember the words, hear the memory of the waves crashing, and she will sing. Yes, she will sing.

Untitled ##

Music plays on gentle winds

Peace beckons all to come within

As she sits below the Spanish moss

Whiling away her day in beautiful thoughts.

The sun does shine on metal bars

That sing of mermaids near and far

A gift of heart hung in loving care

To catch the peace that’s waiting there.

It has no name again it seems

Just simple thoughts of magic dreams

And the ocean close yet far away

She knows she will return someday.

The angel wings whisper through this piece

To sing of joy, of souls release

And a twinkling tune for me to hear

To let me know that she is here.

I thank you friend for gifts from afar

For love and guidance and words that lift,

For the number one lady in a front row seat.

I thank you truly Kat from this soul complete.

A beautiful gift that finally found its perfect place to play its peaceful tune, where I sit and listen to the Angels that play, with wings of wind, ah such joy they bring. Thank you again dear Kat for the amazingly musical gift. Always, my mermaid muse of the desert and sea.

Edge of solitude

She found me there,

Waiting on the edge of solitude.

The little star, most beautiful of a thousand stars

Shining her light to guide my thoughts

In the direction of everywhere

But within.

She whispered of my dreams,

Some I had not recalled for a million years,

Where I had come from and who I had become,

Who I was yet to become.

All of those secrets hidden in a basket of linens

And yellow paged books in plastic,

Folded and tucked into the trunk of childhood

And the scent remained in each crease,

Memories light on the air like incense,

Tendrils rising higher to carry my mood into

The stars that sat idly by ignored,

Yet gaining intensity as I walked among them

And she smiled at me and laughed

Like a hundred crystal bells ringing

Heralding the morning of awakening,

Giving birth to the moment

I was born once more. 

We became one in the heavens

Before I fell gracefully back down,

And I came to rest on the delicate frond of a tall tree

And the ocean gathered close caressing the roots

That were planted so deep

And it is there I rest at night to sleep,

Amongst the flickering lights I wait

For her to find me waiting

To refresh the next memory lost,

To birth the next star seed.

She waits (black and white)

In the silence below the smiling moon she waits,

wind blows the dying leaves through vacant streets

and she gazes into the eyes of the stars

thirsting for the words to quench her being.

Patterns learned through ages now lost

and the rhythm takes on new meaning as she smiles

at the blank empty houses that lay before her,

behind the castle looms large

yet welcoming to the sage of the night

to open the pages of a new history,

she flips idly the yellowed journals of yesterday

searching for her name written centuries before,

and unsurprised to find

boldly laid out below her finger

her birth and death defined

forgotten yet now known.

She of the dust of wars and love,

traveling to her destiny to find

below a moving earth where tides seek her touch,

the collapse of the walls of the castle falling into waves

and carried away to tomorrow

as she turns to find open space waiting

for the new pen to create

the art of now.

She is

Essence of water she fills her mind

Drop by drop with gentle words

That fall like rain

Into her soul.

She is waiting in peace

Where the movement of rivers rush by her

Because she knows what goes

Will return once more

In another shape,

Another form.

She touches the wetness of each tear that fell

Free into puddles that she stands beside

Protected in her truth she washes them away

One by one her warmth dries each thought,

Her memories weathered gently

like petals between pages in a history book,

Aged and loved


She is the water,

The sun and sky

The fire that burns so deep inside

As the earth becomes each piece of her whole,

A calm energy is left behind

As she waits by the edge

Of herself.

She is the song heard by a thousand ears

And held close to the heart

Through passing years,

She is the girl now woman bold

Forever young

Never to grow old.

Shining on

My magical muse

Words whispering in song

Memories of days of a girl child

Locked in a room with paper and pen

Emulating the gift

Bestowed by the stars,

Moving to the beat

Of your creation.

Fantasy in reach

The glow of fairies and unicorns

Wondrous worlds of the escapist mind

Living in the magic

Being who I chose at the moment

Alive in the world

Of you.

Reality is a place I frequent

If I feel the need to see the madness

The sadness

But in the realm where laughter lies waiting

I find it is where I linger most

Feeling the mystery of the unknown,

Embracing the universe

That gives energy and momentum

To words that spill

Like diamond dust

Shining on,


Shining on.

Mermaid winter

She waits on frozen shores

Winter cuts her to the bone

Time to escape to find warm sunny rays,

Mermaid muses on cloudy days.

Swimming into the frigid depths

Finding the surface where the sun waits smiling

She feels the ice melt from her veins

Home again on white sand shores.

Songs of summer remembered

The sights and sounds of days of heat

Rippled air of oasis awaits

She sets her hair free to fade

On a piece of salty land

Her hands dip into the deep warm sand

And she scatters shells like diamond dust

At ease in her place

By the distant sea.

She sings a song of peace and joy

Of cold hard places she lets those fall away,

And beckons those to join her here

Embracing the beauty of her place of blue

Sparkling waves under a winter orb,

Of sand and sun

And the white glistening moon,

To sit a spell and watch the tide

Moving her from side to side,

Drifting into the ocean of bliss.

In a magic minute

Eyes clearing in a dream of a sun

grounded in the moment

where the magic becomes.

On blades of grass fresh and new

turning stones over searching

for what may lie below.

Drifting on the daydream

running low on endless time

shadows give life

to the long rays reaching the ground.

Moments filled with magic

yesterdays and today collide

to merge into something discovered,

the remains of a second unnoticed

left behind to shine

like a shooting perfect star,

falling into my hand.

Locked out against the answers

between pages lies the key

of invisible harmony

moving endlessly.