Blood moon
Guide me in the quest
Chasing dawn
Past nights overflowing
With dreams sublime.
Meager light given
Full beauty haven
Hang in the sky
You follow me
Most precious gift
Universe showering the world
With glimpse of splendor,
Orange planet peeled
Sleeping in shadow
My eyes pulled into
The orbit of you

Tie dye season

Surrounded by the beauty
My life is that
Of abundant color.
The eyes see the shades
The tones,
The paint swatch dream
Of natures brushed beauty.
Tie dye leaves
Fall at my feet,
Colors of autumn dreams
Brought to fruition
Wet with the icy rain one moment,
Shine with the sun rays the next.
Popping vibrancy to catch the eye
With the blend of tint
Like a colored flag
Of the season.
The hand of the universe
Lovingly colored
Strokes of the brush
Of the passage of time,
The movement of the sun
Farther away
Progression of green
To tie dye
To death.

Ruby red slipper standout week 5

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a ruby red slipper standout but due to popular demand it is back in all of its shiny goodness. For those new to my site, this post spotlights a blog that some of you may or may not be familiar with. Like a pay it forward,  we all want to be seen and heard and if you wish to be spotlighted in the future, see the email at the end of the post and drop me a line.


I first found Fawn when I began blogging, her Triggers Horse site was recommended by WP and I popped In and liked what I saw.

Fawn tells wonderful tales based on her life, childhood and everything in between.  A heartwarming place I am sure you will love and she always makes me smile with her wonderful comments.

I asked Fawn to choose two pieces that she thought were her favorite or best pieces and I loved them both so check these out and I know you will find a new friend who you will visit often.   the first poem she ever wrote


stop in and say hi to Fawn, you will find a dear woman waiting with kind words and a smile for the world.

if you wish to be featured on a Sunday Ruby Red slipper standout, email me at Being a clean family site I request any submissions to be along the same genre.  Photography,art,poetry, cooking or writing of all styles welcome.