Blood moon
Guide me in the quest
Chasing dawn
Past nights overflowing
With dreams sublime.
Meager light given
Full beauty haven
Hang in the sky
You follow me
Most precious gift
Universe showering the world
With glimpse of splendor,
Orange planet peeled
Sleeping in shadow
My eyes pulled into
The orbit of you

Tie dye season

Surrounded by the beauty
My life is that
Of abundant color.
The eyes see the shades
The tones,
The paint swatch dream
Of natures brushed beauty.
Tie dye leaves
Fall at my feet,
Colors of autumn dreams
Brought to fruition
Wet with the icy rain one moment,
Shine with the sun rays the next.
Popping vibrancy to catch the eye
With the blend of tint
Like a colored flag
Of the season.
The hand of the universe
Lovingly colored
Strokes of the brush
Of the passage of time,
The movement of the sun
Farther away
Progression of green
To tie dye
To death.

Ruby red slipper standout week 5

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a ruby red slipper standout but due to popular demand it is back in all of its shiny goodness. For those new to my site, this post spotlights a blog that some of you may or may not be familiar with. Like a pay it forward,  we all want to be seen and heard and if you wish to be spotlighted in the future, see the email at the end of the post and drop me a line.


I first found Fawn when I began blogging, her Triggers Horse site was recommended by WP and I popped In and liked what I saw.

Fawn tells wonderful tales based on her life, childhood and everything in between.  A heartwarming place I am sure you will love and she always makes me smile with her wonderful comments.

I asked Fawn to choose two pieces that she thought were her favorite or best pieces and I loved them both so check these out and I know you will find a new friend who you will visit often.   the first poem she ever wrote


stop in and say hi to Fawn, you will find a dear woman waiting with kind words and a smile for the world.

if you wish to be featured on a Sunday Ruby Red slipper standout, email me at Being a clean family site I request any submissions to be along the same genre.  Photography,art,poetry, cooking or writing of all styles welcome.


Not by the hair…

Morning shuffle
Shower sublime
Eyes applied
No droopy dog look for me,
Hair tucked tight
No, the fright…..
What’s that I see
Peering back at me,
Like a big old wart
Standing tall at attention
It seemed to say
“Ta da” look at me,
Oh yes, I see
Chin hair laughing back at me.
Well, I’ll huff and I’ll puff
And I’ll knock that sucker off.
Like a silly child
“Nope, can’t catch me” it whispers in glee….
Grrrr….razor in hand,
Off with your head I smile with a sneer
Gently now, don’t need a cut,
Plink down it drifts like a fall leaf
Whose time had come.
Take that! I smile at the smooth meadow
But knowing there will come a day
A mower may need to be brought in
To shear smooth
This female porcelain chin.
Because once the enemy comes
It will lay in wait,
Inviting friends to desecrate
But I’ll be ready
With wax weapons
Weed whackers
I’ll do what it takes
I am woman, see me smooth….or else!

Thoughts on the joy? Of aging gracefully.

On shooting stars, a grand moon and a farewell (ode to Ajaytao)

The brightest light is always
The one most missed when not in sight,
This splendid moon came marking
It’s tribute to a gift
To the blogging world.
Many honor the beauty
Many post the softness of a rose,
Some call out hello my dear
And smiles appear to know he is aware,
The stars shoot across the sky,
More beauty to behold
For those who see
The tiny gleam of a light
Moving so very fast,
Leaving you to wonder
If it were ever really there at all.
Below this sky
A garden grows,
For those not blessed with the ability
To walk out and see them in a yard,
There was a man
Who gifted this world
With images and beauty
Many may have never seen.
I will miss the kindest words
I will miss the smiles of his friends captured
And shared,
I will miss one of my first followers
Who has left for higher purposes,
To shine his light like a star
Into the night sky,
And with a twinkle and perhaps a wink,
He will move on
Leaving a legacy in his wake
Of undying beauty,
Of happier blooms now sitting wilted and waiting
For his gentle touch to return.
Goodbye friend,
Thank you.

Thoughts on a beautiful gift now gone from Ajaytao, my dear you will be missed.


Color spell draws me
Within the subtle splendor
Whisper strokes
His hand blends the heart
Into awakening.
To show you the beauty
Irresistible in love
Skies song of pastel
Sings to me of lullabies
And summer nights
Spent in solitude
Passing through
From one moment to the next
Into the frame
Of awakening.

Photo courtesy of:

Reaching calm

The spirit aligns
And I strive to find
That little bit
That little piece of calm,
Caught between the moment
Of lavender skies
And the rain that must fall.
I call out
To the never-ending whisper of silence
And hear the faint echo
Of a voice
States of life
Awakening to the moment
The sun,
The moon,
The stars giggle at my naivety
Seeing below their shining state of prominence,
They know what I seek,
And I long for the voices of the clouds
Their voluptuous thunder filled depths,
To confirm
To validate
That which I hold true.
I don’t disbelieve as most are won’t to do
I just want answers
Words to explain and
Emotions on faces don’t hold true
To a split second of feeling
And I am angry for the guess of a game
And being me
In my humble humility
Expect an answer of why
And I’ll rest not
Till it all aligns once more
And I can feel the calm
Of a harbor
Nestled gently in the rocking
Of a passing wave.

Ruby Red Slipper Standout #3

It is a quiet Sunday morning and I have been looking forward once again to bring you a standout star in my land of blog. There are people in this world that when you take that step into their lives, even for but a brief moment you know you have made a friend for life. A person who has words that leave you speechless a lot of time and that you wonder why they are not writing a book as their writing surpasses your own in its beauty and elegance. I started following Katarina a few weeks ago and have since made a friend that has enriched my life in ways beyond explanation. I hope you check out her blog which is filled with the beauty of historic art and words of her heart which spin a tale of beauty unsurpassed. It was hard to select one to spotlight here but through her love of her daughter she wrote this piece and it touched me. You know how I love the ideas of crystal and castles. Check her out. She is magical.
On another note, she did not ask me to spotlight her, I asked her as I love her blog that much and wanted to share her beauty and light with the world. She said yes and I did the happy dance. It was that important to me to have her here.

Her blog, the secret life of Sahara is amazing and you can find her and this amazing piece here:

She will inspire, I promise. Go to the desert and bask in the warmth of her words.

And if you wish to be promoted here next Sunday, please send me an email and I will be happy to share you with my blog world. please include a link to your post that best spotlights your blog also.


climbing higher
skies that seem to go on forever
heart skips a beat
smoothly she edges
cresting on the top
of the metal wave
this life so full
over slowly
see as far as the ends
of the worlds before her
slipping closer
the winds of change
rush past her
taking breath away
leaving a thrill
stomach moving
curves ahead
then back again
through the tunnel
of darkness
emerging at the end

Ruby red slippers standout

Every once in awhile, okay at least a few times a week I find a blog that touches me with its honesty and truth, poetry and longer pieces too can take me away to a place within that I’ve forgotten or places that I’ve never been but feel as if I had after reading. I am trying something new here, sharing the love and light with other stand out blogs that I think you may find inspiring also, if of course you had not found them already. I will do this every other Sunday so if you would be interested in being featured, send me an email and a link to one of your favorite pieces and I will see what I can do to add you on the list of bliss.

Today’s featured ruby red slippers standout is an amazing blog that I found quite a bit ago and wanted to share here today.
Priya Pareek is a great writer and is trying to reach more people with her amazing poetry and other bloggers have helped me achieve my dreams in the past, I am now passing it along.
Is where you will find this beautiful soul and for a great piece she has done, click on the following to explore her blog world.
I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do and don’t forget, if you’d like to be featured in the future, drop me a line with a link to your blog and a piece you most think represents what piece shines it’s ruby slipper light, because there’s no place like your blog home, open the doors, drop the house and show it off:) watch out for the twisters and give the flying monkeys the day off, it is Sunday after all.
Peace, love and patchouli.