Black ceiling hangs low

red orange yellow licking tongues

snapping dragons lashing out

lit within moving outward

consuming appetite merely whetted

parched dried lands fuel the beast.

Air filled with the rage of sound

crackling popping snapping creature

man no match for the fury.

We’ve had a spate of brush fires here lately, one less than a mile away although we were safe in our neighborhood, many days you see the smoke hanging like a haze on the air, pushed by the ocean breezes and last night I woke to the slight scent on the air. Dreaming of fire inspiration for this piece. Photo found on the internet.


The resilience of wisdom rising,
carries us through the moments
as we sink deeper into the blue
we are suddenly caught up in the swell
buoying up and over
the crest of understanding
and the dawning awareness
of that which we already knew
deeper within
hidden in the depths
swallowed by the whale
of fear.
We rise in the light
magnified by the glaring sun
salvation saves while swimming in the belief
swirling round like the whirlpool
we lay on the surface above
watching the glistening drops turn
to the rainbows of hope
we lose ourself in the calm of peace
floating on the cascading thoughts
we move to the rhythm
of ever changing tides.

Within these spaces

We linger within these spaces

captured in a reflection of beauty

gentle reminders for a deep breathing calm

miracles of time move us from darkness

into the spaces where light finds us waiting.

I had forgotten these things

as the cloud of sadness filled the thoughts with fear

I dove in like a parched soul so weary

hanging onto that which cannot be held,

until I stopped and became one

the color of a sunburst on a stem,

siesta blooms gracing the garden

by a loving mans hands.

I stepped out of the depths that tried to submerge me

eager for the hands that were always patiently waiting

to offer a healing thought,

a loving prayer for the beings I so love.

I need to be in this space more

allowing my hands to move with the flow of the words

pent-up too long needlessly,

not for fear but for the hurt and ache that leveled my mind,

I see the clouds moving in that will bring a welcome rain

and the blooms that are and those that will be

hold their faces up for the nourishment

that only a kind world can give,

and I shall be grateful and humble at the little things

never taking for granted the little or big moments

for they all shine.

I will overcome this moment and it shall pass

leaving me satiated and content

in the grace of gifts.

I have been absent for a little while, scared senseless for our little dog Chi and I thank you all so kindly for your words and prayers. She sits watching me write, and it feels so very good to be a little more at peace. The flower is a Siesta hibiscus that hubby picked out yesterday and planted outside of our bedroom wall, along with a mystery gardenia (2 actually), some spiky pretty pointy palmy things and alongside the pool, another gardenia and some Ixora plants that have dainty little flowers on them. The jasmine is beginning to bloom and I am breathing in and out, enjoying the moments and just letting things work in the way that they have to. Here is another pic of the siesta beauty. Stay warm and safe if you’re up North/East and thank you again for being the beautiful people of my world. Kim


Busy daze….

I know, I know, where the heck have I been lately. First I had to share with you what I’ve been doing, or I should say, what Chi’s been doing. A hematoma on her ear blew her up like a balloon, her ear was just a big sack of ick within, so surgery on Monday. Now the cone of shame is her life for the next 14 days. Walking into everything, drugged and “stoned” for the most part for the next 5 days, and off of her game. She did good on her walk today, we shortened it up a bit to not overdo it, and I’m struggling to make my 10K steps on my Fitbit every day, but happy to say I haven’t missed once. 250 steps = 6 laps around the pool in case you ever wondered.

Watercolor classes started this morning, lots of fun and 5 other wonderful “artists” in training with me. I can see a lot of practicing in my future, but perhaps I should have gone into veterinary medicine ’cause I could have used the chunk of change I gave, but all worth it. Unfortunately Chi may get her picture on the vet wall as “worst patient ever”, as the technician climbed on top of her to pin her down to allow the vet to administer a shot to calm her (she was muzzled and she was absolutely FREAKING out-which for her at the vet is normal), needless to say, she bucked the poor woman off into a wall and ripped a nice gash into her arm with one of her sharp claws-of which she only has two, the rest are whittled down from pavement walking daily. Someone there thought the tech needed stitches but I heard they only butterflied it. So……lets just say that no one would touch her after they got her sedated (in the back room with ALOT of guttural screaming). Talk about exhausting, but on a good note, when she goes to get her stitches out in two weeks, I have a dose of “calming-happy-don’t hurt the vet” pills to give her before we get there. Cross your fingers they work. So my friends, it’s not for having nothing to say here, it’s just that I’ve been a bit distracted and busy. I know you’ll understand, and in two weeks I may be able to accomplish a full night of sleep once the bucket comes off. If not, I may need one.

Wish the Chi luck with her healing and Apple gets to meet the vet on Friday (she tends to be a much more pleasant patient than the Chi) thank heavens. I will be back soon, Lord willing and calmness finds us soon I pray. Hi from my world, will catch up on my reading soon so don’t think I’m ignoring you, gets tough when the dog wants to lay on the keyboard and get loved ❤ but I don’t blame her in the least. Peace and blessings, K

Anywhere but….

Aren’t they just soooo cute? They were the only ones that weren’t camera shy. On our kayak quest through the breezy waters of the Mayakka River today. The other turtles had three on the stump but they saw this crazed woman in a big straw hat heading their way and decided they didn’t want to be soup….not that I would EVER think to do that to such a cute creature. Then you see the rigid hump in the water not once but twice as something was high tailing it a few feet from the kayak. And what to my wondering eyes do appear but this……argh….stop the presses, there’s no place like home, swim shoes tapping away but to no avail but I did manage to get this most fun pic of the hubby cruising towards the mean reptile on the log….who did jump off so I think I’d prefer him to be where I can see him, please and thank you. Fun in Florida! There’s gators in that there water Captain!


I will dream in fields…

I will dream in fields-

they lay before me behind closed eyes,

dappled with daisies and buttercups

in a corner of my mind where peace resides.

I will touch the delicate petals

softly as they whisper to me their tales

of spring and birth to fall and death

as they seem to smile in perfection

I will become a swaying stem.

I will be in fields of memory

with each piece I encounter of sadness

and the anger stirred in restless souls,

I will retreat to this place of quiet

where I may hear my heart beat gently

in tune with the universe around.

Here there will be acceptance

and love of the simple and forgiving

as I stand on the rich fertile soul below my feet

I will again be thankful

that I am alive

dreaming in daisies and yellow bits of beauty.

Empty Spaces

Will I find myself here

the place where empty spaces meet the sky

and the eternal colors blend

as life passes softly by.

Will I remember many years from now

when the tides rise and fall

leaving my memory filled with gaps

where I know nothing at all.

Will I return to these shores once more

when the winter winds blow

bitter cold bites the face where wrinkles lay

and all I love lay down below.

Will there be the day of peace

a day like this day when we stood and gazed

to see the edge of sky and water meet

breathless and simply amazed.

Red water runs

Moving menace

Fish flounder in sickening seas

Birds will die from poisoned fins

Sadness as the breath

Escapes in particles

Consuming oxygen

Killing life.

Can’t breathe here suddenly

Escape back to safer climate

Down the street and away

We are able

We run seeking shelter

If only they could too.

Went down to the jetty today to experience our first red tide since we’ve been living near the gulf, upon exiting the car, the particulate in the air took your breath away, I came home feeling sick and my nose plugged up and we were only out for about a minute and a half. It is horrible and my heart aches for the fish dead and dying and the birds that consume them awaiting the same fate a little bit in the future. Praying for it to break up and go away sooner rather than later. No swimming, no shark teeth hunting, no peace. Sigh. Not my image, googled one as my photos came out not so good, not enough time to get a good shot…couldn’t breathe.

Set free

I walked into the softness of a morning broken

soundless skies speak and the moon hangs

like a balloon that has lost it’s string yet hovers

just out of reach

floating gently on this calm sky

and I watch in wonder

set free in thoughts of how many others

see the same image

and dream through the rest of their day

of a stunning ball of white

saying adieu

as the sun greets and takes charge

of this spectacle

in her power she glistens off of the same sky

sharing the moment

in perpetual silence.

Beautiful Image found at:



Mind in movement

In flux it moves on sullen skies

alive with flashing lights moving by

and speed unknown by stillness that surrounds

astounded by the glimpses seen

and thoughts gathered in the place in between,

where dark and light collide at last

and slipping around the peace is found

in the area where a sense of floating calms

I hear a whisper of a quiet song.

The universe, it sings to me

and I move in and around the moments and dreams

like a dancer on a path unknown

yet know it as right for it feels like home.

I linger in a midnight dream

lost and forgotten that they had slipped away

unseen for lost in chaos of yesterdays,

they return and comfort in their amazing ways.

I lay in between this sleep and waking

and know these thoughts will soon be taking

me into a day where I am not yet

but still feel as if I belong in this place

where thoughts meander and call to me

to be set free and taken forth

to tomorrow after today is done

and like the water will surely run

around stones on sand creating scenes

of love and peace and as the meteor gleams

and disappears the memory stays

of just another perfect day.

For two days now I have been having very intense dreams and with a start realize, it has been so long since I’ve had any, or at least remember having had them. It is always a comfort to me upon waking from a deep sleep of dreams that it is here in this place that my mind is at ease enough to be free in sleep, to let the thoughts run like stallions and to wake refreshed smiling. Now that is a beautiful way to greet the rising sun. Blessed indeed.