Essence of a thought
drifting through in a dream,
words falling down like water
on the edge of a deeper sleep.
Slipping away in the ether
of cloud-like images born
in memory banks now opened
and blooming in the blink of an eye.
We remember the fragments,
the smallest petal of beauty
the shades of moods
in day-to-day dealings,
words of simplicity slip through
and ground the mind in
a quiet peace.
Where is it now,
those things remembered
having rolled off of the tip of the tongue
in the dark hours of calm
I can’t recall the name
of that moment
as I had then,
saddest things of magnificence
once alive
now a ghost of the shadow self.


Moving into empty spaces
the cavity deepened
by weight given grace
hollowed thoughts poured like water
drop by drop
into the chasm.
Red skies delight the coming storm
of peace and solitude
of a morning born,
words spin in essence gathering steam
falling forward in paper form,
as eyes reach up to waking zone
fresh ideas swirl
like a summer breeze.
Friend of forever
the idle voice moves through
reaching in to the void,
like coming home to gaze at sweet eyes
happy to be back
once more.

Good morning friends, been busy with the book thing and work schedule heavier than anticipated, all is good and book sales going well. I’ve started a new novel and loving the process as I learn new tricks. Peace and blessings, Kim

Storm chasing

In the thickest forests,
dreams fill the downy mind
as music plays a symphony-
the windchime concerto.
Staccato drops beat intermittently
on a concrete ocean blue
ripples undulate the depths
as I sit pondering a new and fresher day.
I am but a voyeur
to the coming burst of pleasure,
storm chasing from the rocker
keeping time to the bustle of clouds
caged and secure from the beast
as my fingers find their mark.
Early morning rise to darkness
as distant traffic breaks the silence
cat tiptoes lightly into a sudden streak past-
as heaven overflows its bounds
and jasmine scented air fills me with a sudden need,
to bloom in the gift given
quenched and shaking in joy,
as the lovely day melody
plays through the recorder of my mind.

Early morning rise as the storm settles in to play,
a beautiful good morning to us lifers
who choose to embrace it all,
coffee and raindrops, ah….bliss.