Slipping into natures calm,
a simple splendor beckons the mood
to surface from the depths of sleeping,
awake and dreaming
in a sensory wonderland.
We meander down the paths
through glades of green surrounding,
delicate beauty hanging high above,
sliding down on shining vines
and captured to recall on a dreary day
we notice the minutae of silken petals
and slip into times from yesterday.
The wonder of a blessing gifted
in places where the peace is found
to soothe the soul on stormy days,
we slide into calm
to at last release yet hold close joy,
into daytime dreaming slide
into bloom.

Stacking peace

Layered mood drifts along
awaking in strength from dreams that tell tales,
reducing the darkness bit by bit
as a simple light illuminates
a waking world to a wish of peace.
We stack the good times
and leave behind the unneeded piles,
the confusion rippled into knowing
by the simple things that matter
as we rise into the blue
our voices come together in the morning
to create a new dawn ripe
with the promise of a better day,
and words lay between the colors
so beautiful to behold,
sifted out to leave behind
the nightmares that surfaced
and saving for sharing
all that matters,
all that is good.
We will climb up from the bottom
and reach the highest place
where we will see forever
through the haze of darkness,
and fly into the calm of truth.

Falling style

Memories of falling leaves
as colors create a palette
we run our hands through the brilliance,
the scent of a winter to come
hangs on chilling air
as the fire reaches higher
incinerating the pieces gathered
we sit close together
So much has changed
where those long ago days remain,
we gaze at the brilliance
of autumn sunset clouds
that wear the shades like gowns,
endlessly flowing by
we walk the beaches and find a new path
where time stands still
we follow our memories to smile again,
somewhere back in yesterday
a world away.

I miss the changing leaves of NY but not enough to fly North, enjoying Fall Florida style and endless gifts of beauty found along the way. Peace and blessings, K