Ruby red slipper standout week 5

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a ruby red slipper standout but due to popular demand it is back in all of its shiny goodness. For those new to my site, this post spotlights a blog that some of you may or may not be familiar with. Like a pay it forward,  we all want to be seen and heard and if you wish to be spotlighted in the future, see the email at the end of the post and drop me a line.


I first found Fawn when I began blogging, her Triggers Horse site was recommended by WP and I popped In and liked what I saw.

Fawn tells wonderful tales based on her life, childhood and everything in between.  A heartwarming place I am sure you will love and she always makes me smile with her wonderful comments.

I asked Fawn to choose two pieces that she thought were her favorite or best pieces and I loved them both so check these out and I know you will find a new friend who you will visit often.   the first poem she ever wrote


stop in and say hi to Fawn, you will find a dear woman waiting with kind words and a smile for the world.

if you wish to be featured on a Sunday Ruby Red slipper standout, email me at Being a clean family site I request any submissions to be along the same genre.  Photography,art,poetry, cooking or writing of all styles welcome.


Ruby Red Slipper Standout Week 4

We have now made it to week four and I hope you have all found some new and exciting blogs to check out. Just a reminder on how this Sunday post goes is that if you would be interested in being spotlighted please contact me and I will make a slot for a future post about your site. This is a clean family blog so I will request that your site fit the style of a happy writing, photography or cooking blog that everyone can enjoy.
So without further ado I take you to today’s standout blog.

Elouise has a beautiful writing style and her site is called Telling the Truth. If you check out her “about me” page, you will see that she is a “little bit of everything” kind of woman. Her gravitar is of the most beautiful rose. I can almost smell it through my screen.

Her writing style is the kind I can read and then reread and find new gems in. Her blog is simple and clean, uncluttered and a beautiful read with each post you will find. Deep and truthful you will smile, cry and hopefully find a new friend to journey through the land of WP with.
Check her out her with this piece selected for your Sunday standout read. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

If you wish to be spotlighted in the future, don’t forget to drop me a line at

Ruby Red Slipper Standout #3

It is a quiet Sunday morning and I have been looking forward once again to bring you a standout star in my land of blog. There are people in this world that when you take that step into their lives, even for but a brief moment you know you have made a friend for life. A person who has words that leave you speechless a lot of time and that you wonder why they are not writing a book as their writing surpasses your own in its beauty and elegance. I started following Katarina a few weeks ago and have since made a friend that has enriched my life in ways beyond explanation. I hope you check out her blog which is filled with the beauty of historic art and words of her heart which spin a tale of beauty unsurpassed. It was hard to select one to spotlight here but through her love of her daughter she wrote this piece and it touched me. You know how I love the ideas of crystal and castles. Check her out. She is magical.
On another note, she did not ask me to spotlight her, I asked her as I love her blog that much and wanted to share her beauty and light with the world. She said yes and I did the happy dance. It was that important to me to have her here.

Her blog, the secret life of Sahara is amazing and you can find her and this amazing piece here:

She will inspire, I promise. Go to the desert and bask in the warmth of her words.

And if you wish to be promoted here next Sunday, please send me an email and I will be happy to share you with my blog world. please include a link to your post that best spotlights your blog also.